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Road Rovers Field Agents by CCB-18 Road Rovers Field Agents by CCB-18
Following on from this; Road Rovers Field Agents Base I came up with several characters who became Agents to the Road Rovers, following some of their adventures together.

The Master had decided to move away from dogs in some areas, and instead opted for several characters whom nobody would ever suspect of being an agent to the Rovers.

Just note that many of these agents don't have official numbers or code names.

In no particular order the agents (who can officially be seen) are as follows;
  • Warrior the Star Tug. A.K.A "Agent Sirius" (He made this as a reference to the Dog Star and it stuck)
  • The Warner Siblings, Yakko, Wakko & Dot. Agents 47, 48 & 49 (Commemoration to the works of :iconshadowlore: :iconthe-rebel-angel:
  • The Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt. Agent 65 (And this, as Blitz seems to think, is NOT a pun about his weight)
  • Jessica (unsure of what surname actually is) A.K.A The Gormiti Air Lord. Let's just say, it pays to have somebody who can control the element of the air at their disposal.
  • Rupert Bear. (After a few adventures with them, he was appointed as an agent, following his action during a rescue in the Bahamas when the staff of an island hotel rebelled and took hostages which also included Rupert's parents, PC Growler & his wife, Mr & Mrs Pig and Mr & Mrs Badger, and the Rovers were summoned to help, followed by the unexpected aid by the British Navy - though it later turned out in a UN court that it was all a couple's retreat exercise)
  • Toriel, the Gateway Guardian. Since their fist meeting with her, she's been a firm ally to the Rovers, helping them getting to and from other dimensions, or fighting other creatures from said dimensions and then sending them back to where they came from.
  • Dennis Stanton. A Gentleman Cat-Burglar turned Insurance Investigator. (It was in fact after their adventure with him; see that the Master started thinking about acquiring non-canine agents.
  • Michael Haggerty. An Irish MI5 agent. A man who sticks to his duties, even if he gets other people into trouble as part of his cover story. They met him during their mission involving the Extreme Dinosaurs.
  • Vanilla the Rabbit. A CIA Informative known as a "Hereward Agent", which is the opposite of a Sleeper Agent. Helped the Rovers out of a pickle when someone was attacking oil fields in Arabia.
  • Boris the Wolf. The only agent who's really a ghost. He was found in an abandoned studio he was supposingly "haunting", but was really trying to seek help as he was stuck in limbo. If you hear a clarinet playing in that old studio (and he plays far better than Squidward) then Boris isn't too far away.
  • Grams Bear. Following the Rovers's adveture in Care-a-lot; it certainly paid off to have eyes in the sky above the Earth, should trouble ever arise in the clouds.
The main purpose are like those of the Thunderbirds Agents; If trouble should arise, they're sent to investigate it to see if the Rovers are needed or not. This also works if trouble start brewing in the Agents' areas and the Rovers are the only ones who can help out, the Agents can alert them.

There are other human agents, but they serve more as Spectrum Agents in Captain Scarlet, housing Rover Vehicles, such a Street Rover or a Tri-Tank Rover, concealed in various hiding vaccinates like trailers, shacks and dummy oil storage tanks, and only give them to official Road Rovers upon asking for ID (so that way, no impostor can just waltz up and take them)

Can anybody else spot other characters in this image?

NOTE 1: It took me a while to find decent vectors for these. Most of the time, I had to edit screenshots so they weren't too blurry, or had their original background, which might've made them look busy.

NOTE 2: 17/10/17 ~ I've just updated it with a sharper image of Warrior since the last one was too blurry on the features. I did have a similar shot to this, but it wouldn't accept the white-out when I edited the background....

Majority of Characters & Base © :iconwarnerbrosplz: (Warners © :iconsma-rmy:)
Toriel © Toby Fox (Vector © :iconjeatz-axl:)
Dennis & Michael © Universal Studios
Warrior, TFC © HiT Entertainment
Jessica © Marathon
Boris © The Meaty Games c/o SFM & :iconaustinthebear:
Grams, Rupert © Nelvana
M'Ress © Filmation
Vanilla the Rabbit © :iconsegaplz:/:iconsonicteamplz:
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Ultragiga197 Featured By Owner May 22, 2018
CCB-18 Featured By Owner May 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
What,may I ask, is the problem? 

Why so confused?
Ultragiga197 Featured By Owner May 25, 2018
No problem. Just an unexpected array of characters.
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is this a joke?
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In what way?

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very harmless.
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yeah I guess so, In the past I've made fanfics about food from sausage party, asking sonic the hedgehog where to find free anime porn (no  joke, I did that once.)
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what does this has to do with VEHICLES
CCB-18 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
It contains Warrior, a living tugboat.
Adam-Walker Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2017  Student Writer
I quite like Rupert Bear as a Road Rover agent. Given that bears are related to the canidae family.
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