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Road Rovers 'Agents Warners' Sequence by CCB-18 Road Rovers 'Agents Warners' Sequence by CCB-18
Here's my latest RR/Thunderbirds Title Sequence that I've made since late April. And once again, I've crossed Road Rovers with Animaniacs, only this time, the Warners play a larger role than the previous one;

The plot of this sequence is based from bluehairedgirlstudio's fan episode "Agent 47";… which has a sneaky 14th clip instead of 13 should you count them (not including the title cards), so I got stumped for a bit, but I managed to work it out...

In the early hours of an August morning, the Space Rovers receive a distress call from a 10 year old girl named Alice. She's been kidnapped and being held in a disused industrial estate and one of kidnappers is apparently a State Trooper, or posing as one. She only had time to tell them the name of the site's name before she's discovered and communication is cut. Concerned for the safety of the child, the Space Rovers quickly relay the message to the Master, who assets the situation.

As its nearest to their area, within a 14-mile range, the Master calls for Rover Agents 47 - 49, the Warner Siblings, Yakko, Wakko & Dot, and sends them to check it out, whilst the Rovers are dispatched in the Sky Rover, since this'll be pretty straight forward for them. Upon arrival, and sneaking about, the Warners confirm her story, and after they secure Alice to safety both Rovers and Warners (in Super Sibling Mode) descend on the kidnappers.

Artist's Notes: The only trouble I had was trying to find clips of the Master with a global map, and with him on a communicator screen, so I had to make do with substitutes (I know the map one is from the episode "Gold & Retrievers", so it's not of any area within California, let alone the US, but they were the best I could find. So if anybody knows of a better one, do please let me know)

This is dedicated to :icondingofan::iconmdtartist83:, and :iconmarlon94:, as well as :iconshadowlore: & :iconthe-rebel-angel: for some of their Animaniacs/Road Rovers Crossover Fanfics up here
I own nothing but the creativity of this piece, plus the editing of the Sky Rover landing.

Road RoversAnimaniacs © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2017   General Artist
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