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Rebecca for Ovum Amp by CCB-18 Rebecca for Ovum Amp by CCB-18
Well, it looks like Ovum Amp's got a new spokes-model. And this time, it's aimed towards at those who are looking for a fast and easy way to make a lot of money, whilst still struggling to juggle their own lives. And who better choice than Becky Cunningham of Disney's Talespin?

(Though mind you, not all of Becky's fast-money ideas really work out. All they seem to do is get Baloo, Kit or even herself into trouble, such as the Truffle Pig or thinking she could do Baloo's piloting job, or in the cases of the flying service station or having Higher-for-Hire serve only the Upper Class, drive close friends apart. But you can't say she doesn't try. She's more or less like Charlie Brown, but with Lucy's attitude and stubbornness.)

Least with Ovum Amp, she can't go too wrong, as she is surprised that it works first time for her....

Now, most viewers may think this could be the result of finally having it with Baloo, but I don't so, as even twins are murder on her (See here; Rabecca pregnant). However, from the works of :iconbbmbbf:/Palcomix's Lady & the Cub in late 2016 and :iconfbz:'s Talespin Crash #1 in 2006 (can't add links as works are 18+ rated), it might be better for her own body and soul for it to be Kit once he comes of age to do so (See; Tale Spin)...

The other spokes-models are as follows;
NOTE 1: Again, I'm not happy about how the feet came out, in attempting to fit them to legs, via Photoshop. (Far too long in my books)
NOTE 2: Also, I had to tweek this one about a bit in order to fit in the speech bubbles comfortably.

Rebecca Cunningham © :icondisneyplz:
Original Layout © :iconwallaroo: (Rephrasing by Me)
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May 5, 2017
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