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RR - 'Witchlings in Time Saves Canines' Seqence by CCB-18 RR - 'Witchlings in Time Saves Canines' Seqence by CCB-18
Here we go with another amazing Thunderbirds Title Sequence for the Road Rovers as they embark on another crazy and wonderful adventure.

Strange sightings have been seen in the night skies over America, in the form of an airship that seems to come and go mysteriously in cloud and fog banks.  And each time it's been seen, the dirigible emits a strange gas that leaves anybody who comes into contact with it in an unconscious sleep-like state for 5 hours. Many witnesses reckon it to be the ghost of the Hindenburg. So far, no major air bases or airports have been visited by this phantom zeppelin, only wayside aerodromes and airstrips.

Even with no official pattern involved, the Master gets the Rovers involved in investigating, which also include Hunter's mother, who was at the Golden Hydrants on a visit and their ally the Gateway Guardian; (who's staying with them as her home in Hawaii was flooded out due to a recent storm. She insisted on joining them, uniform and all, if she's was to be their guest) as it seems that the Hindenburg ghost is on a course for Los Angeles (though they don't figure that out till halfway through the show)...

The adventures takes the Rovers into an intriguing world of magic and witches (when they bump into some witchlings on the same investigative mission - or one of the witchlings bump into them in mid-air), along with two dangerous villainesses from other worlds (well, they have no female bad guys outside of Grommer now, do they?), and an adversary the Rovers thought they'd stamped out in Megakat City;


I think I've managed to surpass myself this time with the Road Rovers.

NOTE 1: Once again, I've gone a 15-clip sequence, rather than a 13-clip as there was so much plot to fit in.

NOTE 2: I've edited some of these images, some involving scenes from Road Rovers, as well as the newspaper headlines. (It was certainly difficult to get the correct rear-view image of Commander Turmoil, since her episode had a lot darken scenes, so it was hard to tell where her hat ended. The same thing goes for trying to find a dressdoll of Toriel, but I managed to find a nude image of her and work around it...)

Road Rovers/SWAT Katz © :iconwarnerbrosplz: (Starlight © :iconflintentstudios:)
The Witchlings © Magical DoReMi
Toriel © Toby Fox
Atrocimator © Turbo-Charged Thunderbirds
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