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RR: 'Trouble in the Clouds' Sequence



Here's the latest piece of Road Rovers meets Thunderbirds-style Title Sequence for a while. 

It all starts with a demo of a new computer chip processor, known as the Stanley 8000, which is programmed to run any computer system or machinery without the help of human assistance by simply attaching it to any device. However, it has the tendency to make the machinery go a little haywire (as when demonstrated on a factory-scale biscuit-maker), but it is seen as a means to help boost economy for impoverished countries and is made for transportation from Crawford Airbase, California.

It's to be sent to the Republic of San Theodoros, just south-east of Venezuela in South America, where its people have had a lot of trouble over the years with military coups and revolution following counter-revolution following counter-counter-revolution between various military heads of state - and the UN are heartily sick of it, so decide to use the processor to help the poor citizens get back on their feet. 

However, the Stanley 8000 cannot be transported on a modern-day plane as it could end up scrambling the plane's systems. Thankfully, the solution is simple: use a more vintage aeroplane - slower, but safer. An ex-USAF C97 cargo transporter plane, known as the Dixie Damsel, is chosen, having survived being buried in an Alaskan ice field from 1952 - 1987, but is now an airworthy exhibit at Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation at Farmingdale, New Jersey. The pilot, a retired USAF officer Colonel Lee Goddard from Tucson, Arizona, is chosen for this flight, as he's well-known with the operations of the Dixie Damsel. Originally, the plane requires a crew of 5; a pilot, co-pilot, navigator, flight engineer & a radio operator, but Lee is sent solo, the head of the operations thinking that less attention from the USAF would be less conspicuous. (In any case, Lee was given an up-to-date radio transmitter headset and self-navigating equipment, but somehow that wasn't going to be enough on Lee's part.) 

However, trouble is only over the horizon. For there are countries and other nasty-minded military officials who want to use the Stanley 8000 as means for military purposes, rather than helping people. These countries were ignored or passed over for the first shipment, but that was not to be the end of it... 

Not long after take off, the Dixie Damsel is ambushed by unidentified fighter jets, sent by a foreign power with plans to steal the Stanley 8000, but they can't get close enough for fear of the chip interrupting their own systems. They manage to hit the Dixie Damsel on it's starboard wing, and the plane goes into a dive into a cloud bank over New Mexico...but doesn't come out the other side...

Back at the base, there's no evidence that the plane either crashed or exploded, as the case the chip was stored in contains a tracking device, and is declared as fireproof, waterproof and shockproof, and even contains a fail-safe parachute should it come to being dropped from the aircraft if no runway is available. And as to the mystery of the ambush, was their a traitor within the operations, or some form of spy? A bug or a mole? Nobody is sure. But it is clear that somebody doesn't want the processor to arrive at its intended destination...

The man in charge of the flight arrangements (who was over looked by head-of-operations during investigations) decides to go straight to calling the Road Rovers for help. If anybody can find the plane and retrieve the Stanley 8000 before it falls into the wrong hands, they might.

The Rovers are quickly dispatched in the Pack Rover to the last co-ordinates the Dixie Damsel was at. Thankfully, they don't run into those fighter jets, but they nearly crash into a flying pink motorcycle with a sidecar! Hunter dives down into a similar cloud-bank to avoid a collision, and the Rovers find themselves crash landing in a forest hidden among the clouds - in fact they've arrived in Care-a-Lot. There, they not only find the Care Bears, but Colonel Lee, the Dixie Damsel and the Stanley 8000, all save and sound.

However, there's not much time for pleasantries as the Care Bear Family is helping to repair the damage done to the Dixie Damsel, but the fighter jets are closing in on them.

With Exile's help, the plane's soon ready for take off, but is still in danger. With ingenuity, the Rovers and the Care Bears use a pincer movement to lure the fighter planes away, by making them think that either the Rovers, or Grams Bear on her cloudcycle has the Stanley 8000 whilst Lee takes the Dixie Damsel safely out of harm's way.

But will this plan prevail? And will the Road Rover be able to help the Care Bears save Care-a-Lot from being bombarded and Swiss-Cheesed by those fighters...?

NOTE 1: Again, this is another 15-clip piece as there was too much plot to fit into a 13-clip piece.
NOTE 2: The fighter jets were from the Captain Scarlet episode "Seek & Destroy", which I think suited the plot very well

Road Rovers © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
Care Bears © Nelvana Animation
Fighter Planes © Gerry Anderson & Universal Studios
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Sounds like a pretty cool story.