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RR: 'The Wind Deity' Sequence by CCB-18 RR: 'The Wind Deity' Sequence by CCB-18
The opening of this episode is based on the Thunderbirds episode "The Mighty Atom".

An explosion at the Deadland's Atomic Irrigation Plant in Australia, made accidentally by the Groomer, causes a toxic cloud to sweep across the deserts of Down-Under. The Master sends Hunter in the Sky Rover to deal with it, only for the Golden Retriever to discover someone's beaten him to it, much to his surprise.
What appears to be a giant purple, blue, white & pink pixie for some sorts has control of the winds and manages to blow the toxic cloud out to sea, where Hunter manages to dissipate it with some of his trick tennis balls in the sea.
When he makes his report, Blitz thinks Hunter's seeing things - but it's not long before the pixie is seen again during a time of crisis involving a runaway manned weather balloon. Nobody, not even Professor Hubert has any answers to this.
Colleen suggests visiting the Guardian of the Gateway, to see if she knows anything about it, in case her summoning the Fire Demon (see; ) brought this creature in as well. Sadly, the Guardian tells them that nothing came in or out of the Gateway, so she doesn't know where this creature came from at all, but does recall a legend about an ancient Wind Deity, but cannot recall with country it comes from....

Over the next few weeks, the Rovers keep running into the Deity, and each time they go to investigate, they come up with nothing. Colleen got the closest to almost having it, but found no one but a young girl to told her she saw it fly away with the wind.

But it seems the Rovers aren't the only ones looking. Parvo's looking for it as well, along with two other tyrannical leaders, all with intent to use the Deity's powers against the world. But when all three get caught in each other's traps, they form a triumvirate (but secretly plan to get rid of the other two once the secrets behind the Deity are discovered). 

It is not long before all three working together manage to capture the Deity, but it's up to the Rovers to rescue her before she gets dissected, or burnt to a crisp when a fall-out between all three men, as the Rovers come to her rescue, causes a fire to break out...but only then do the Rovers learn of the truth of the Wind Deity...

Road Rovers © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
Hood & Black © Gerry Anderson
Gormiti © Marathon
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2016   General Artist
Gotta love Hunter's expression.
DingoFan Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2016  Hobbyist
Me too Matt Hunter always does the best expressions.
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