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RR: 'The Engines Who Knew Too Much' Sequence by CCB-18 RR: 'The Engines Who Knew Too Much' Sequence by CCB-18
This episode is based on the Road Rovers episode "The Dog Who Knew Too Much", only with a different twist, including a reversal of the plot; instead of Parvo being lead to the Rovers, the Rovers are lead to Parvo.

Diesel 10 is once more causing trouble for Sodor, only this time he's working with Parvo. Diesel 10 can get Parvo's canomutater smuggled onto Sodor in Parvo helps him to take over the railway. With a force like Parvo, no one on Sodor would dare retaliate.

However, Diesel 10 is going to be late for the delivery, as he plans to steal a 50-inch cannon from a military base to help Parvo. So he slyly asks Rosie for help. She agrees, but then she goes to Thomas, since she can't handle the train by herself.
This results in Thomas & Rosie meeting Parvo and learning that the shipment was unpermitted by the Fat Controller, and the quickly learn what Parvo's up to - which means they have to be annihilated! Running for the lives, the two tank engines evade Parvo's Cannomutants and wind up lost in the desert.

At the Golden Hydrants, a visit from the Wise Dog of the Mountains, Confuse-Us, informs the Rovers that somebody seeking their help will be dropping in. Which Thomas and Rosie did - right through the roof(!!) They were crossing a bridge that spanned the area where the Golden Hydrants lay hidden when it collapsed under them.

A quick explanation of the events that lead up to this, the Rovers quickly fly into action with the two tank engines, but they have to look sharp. In trying to find out where Thomas & Rosie went to, Emily and the Fat Controller are taken prisoners of Parvo! Now a rescue mission is on, as well as a commando mission to stop this takeover in its tracks...


I just couldn't resist making this one.

Thomas & Friends © HiT Entertainment
Road Rovers © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
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