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RR: 'Subterranean Stronghold' Sequence by CCB-18 RR: 'Subterranean Stronghold' Sequence by CCB-18
Based on the Rambo cartoon "Subterranean Holdup", it follows the same plot. This time, the story involves Persia more, as she and the other Space Rovers had very little action or screen time in the series.

Following a short bout of anti-gravity sickness, Persia is sent to Earth for a two-week recovery leave. At the Golden Hydrants, she inform the Master that Colonel Storm had been seen in the City of Chicago, but what he was after no one's sure.
After arriving in the Windy City, the Rovers, along with Persia in her Space Rover attire, catch a news report about the annual military currency shipment to the Federal Reserve Bank. Could that be Storm's target?
The next morning the Rovers get involved with the shipment and unmask several of Storm's men posing as the shipment's backup unit - but it turns out to be a distraction as the Federal Reserve Bank gets hit...from within!

The real target were the Federal Money plates, with which Storm could print as much money as he wanted, and it wouldn't be counterfeit at all. Turns out he broke in using the abandoned service subway tunnels, so the Rovers follow them and find his hideout in a Roundhouse.
Storm makes his getaway in a helicopter, with Hunter and Persia following on behind in another one, through the subway tunnels of Chicago, but it's not long before he guns them down out in the open, and Hunter's forced to crash land in a lake.
Now it's a race against the clock to stop Storm leaving with the plates, and the Rovers get help, not from Chicago's own furry heroes, but also from an old friend who still has a beef with Storm...


Seems by creativity surprises even me at times.

Road Rovers © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
Biker Mice from Mars © Brentwood Television
Warrior © HiT Entertainment
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2016   General Artist
One of Hunter's best shots ever.
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