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RR: 'Rainforest-Ation Time' Sequence by CCB-18 RR: 'Rainforest-Ation Time' Sequence by CCB-18
This episode was inspired from the jungle scenes from Indiana Jones & Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and reunites the Rovers with the tribe they met in "Gold and Retrievers" and is similar to the Thunderbirds episode "Path of Destruction" and the WW2 Donald Duck cartoon "Commando Duck"

An unwelcomed military convoy in the Amazon sparks problems for the native tribes. Mostly because the convoy are using ex-Russian Jungle Cutters to cut their way through the rainforest, which is listed as protected. These machines are army surplus and out of the 5 that had been for sale, one was sent to a movie studio (no prizes for guessing what happened to that one) and another had been bought for a lumber company of the Island of Sodor, to be used to also help combat forest fires.
What's worse is the platoon won't tell anybody what they're there for and despite warnings carry on their task as they cut paths through the jungle.

Whilst some of the tribesmen take it onto themselves to stop this, the Rovers get called in to tackle it as well with newly additioned Jungle Track Vehicles that Professor Hubert calls M.U.T's (Multiple Utility Trucks), that resemble doghouses on caterpillar tracks, whilst Blitz, Shag and Muzzle try to follow the army from the river on a dingy.

Things don't go well at first, for not only has the scouting party got to deal with snipers and crocodiles, the army also peppers the pursuing M.U.Ts with cannon fire, to which the Rovers return nearly too late (Professor Hubert forgot to mention the hidden firepower the M.U.Ts had till they were under fire). Thankfully, they take out the army and 2 of the Cutters without causing any further damaging the jungle.

But when the tribesmen take out the operator of the third one with a knock-out blow dart, the Cutter's autopilot starts causing the machine to swerve off it's course, and towards an abandoned air base, located under some cliffs. This is that the army was looking for, and Hubert informs the Rovers that the rouge Cutter's trajectory will cause it to fall right onto the base's ammunition stores, which could level the cliffs it stands under.

Now the Rovers must race against the clock to stop the Cutter by any means necessary - even blow it up or drain the fuel out of it...


Now's that for a bit of Greenpeace action?

Road Rovers © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
Jungle Cutter Scenes © Lucasfilms
M.U.Ts © Gerry Anderson
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2016   General Artist
Even those Native Americans had good taste in fashion. I love the vests.
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