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RR: 'Pink Ice' Sequence by CCB-18 RR: 'Pink Ice' Sequence by CCB-18
This episode is based on the classic Stingray episode of the same name.

Vast plains Pink Ice are suddenly cropping up in the oceans of the world, trapping many supply and patrol ships in their icy grips. As strange as it is, look-out witnesses claim to see strange vessels in the area before the ice appears, especially in foggy areas around the coast. Earth may be heading towards a new Ice Age, if something's not done soon.

The World Shipping Bureau in Paris implore to the U.N. that something has to be done. They need to find out where the Pink Ice is coming from, who's doing it and why? The only way to a about it is with a submarine, since a ship would be too big a risk.
But the U.N decide not to use any Naval submarines in case this causes conflict, so the Road Rovers are called in for help.

Dressed in their winter gear, the Rovers set out to investigate in the Sub Rover, and discover that the Pink Ice is not a freak of nature, but a chemical compound that makes it look and feel like ice, but gives it a bitter taste, turns it hard as granite and is also the reason why it appears in the sub-tropics without melting.

But when the Sub Rover gets stuck in the Ice, the Rovers call for help and are reunited with an old friend, who's also a Rover Agent, to help break them out, and find a strange sea-mine like device, which is were the Pink Ice appears from. It is one of 10 devices used to distribute water-plant fertilizer or fish food in large aquariums that were stolen from a set of 15 at a repair shop serving the Sea Life Center in Santa Cruz. 6 have now been used, counting the one the Rovers just found, so 4 more are waiting to be used. Also reported stolen was a small fire service seaplane from a museum in Malibu.

Further investigations by the Rovers send them to the Pribilof Islands in Alaska where they uncover a tangled web of dissipation and tugboat gangster sabotage.


Road Rovers © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
TUGS © HiT Entertainment
Stingray © Gerry Anderson
DingoFan Featured By Owner Edited Nov 3, 2016  Hobbyist
Nice name for it and I like that Stingray episode after when I've done Road Rovers Nightmare at Ghost Town I might do it and with my OCS in it too.
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