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RR OC - Zotton by CCB-18 RR OC - Zotton by CCB-18
Here's a Road Rovers OC which is a mix of Road Rovers, Disney's Lady & the Tramp & the works of :iconeddie-sand: and Gerry Anderson's Joe 90.

NAME: Zotton
BREED: Spaniel
GENDER: Female
DEFAULT: Short stature & poor vision, even as a Rover. Runt of her litter.
POSITION IN ROVERS: Auxiliary/Reserve, like Starlight & Vicky.

It all started when Vicky; (now in her late teens and officially a Reserve Rover) came across a warehouse-like building in NYC that was surrounded by black armoured 4x4s (the square, box-like kind) with the words "Greenpeace" & "EPA" written on them. Curious, she hid behind some of the parked cars in the parking lot out front, and saw the men carrying out cages of animals; mostly house-pets such as dogs & cats, but also various rodents, reptiles, birds, some fawns, monkeys, lemurs, baby apes , a few cubs such as lions, foxes, bears, badgers & tigers - some in rather awful-looking conditions.

Baffled by all this, Vicky climbed into a nearby air vent on the side of the building and gained entry into the main building, but didn't emerge till the investigators and the police had left. Inside the labratory, she found blueprints of a way to transfer brain impulses via some sort of machine that scans brain patterns and plants them into the test-subject's own head - therefore giving them the ability to think like the sample-subject. However, the development stage had only gone so far it was only safe to work on animals, with electrodes attached to their temples.
This meant that if in use on say a cat with the knowledge & experience of a high-ranking general in the US Army, then the cat would know everything the general would - from entry codes to the layout of his base! However, this only works as long as the electrodes are attached to their temples, remove them and they're just normal animals.

Vicky quickly put the blueprints, along with a portable brain-wave scanner (which looked like a portable dictating machine for newspaper reporters) but that can also record directly to the machine itself via concealed antennas & satellite, into her satchel and was about to leave when she heard a whimpering sound, and found a tiny spaniel pup in the back of one of the cages, obviously overlooked by the investigators. Vicky place the pup gently into her satchel and slipped out the side door, and climbed over the chain-link fence. It was just as she leapt down that she was spotted and took to flight, with Greenpeace and EPA men on her tail, but were held back due to the thronging crowds. Vicky knew she couldn't get caught, because if they tried to look into her, they would find no official record of her before Elementary school since the Master's former life as Professor Shepard was supposed to be dead to the world, and the Rovers would either be exposed or ruined.

Quickly, Vicky contacted base on her Rover-Communicator and asked in there was Shuttle Tube (the transport that carries the Rovers from their owner's homes to HQ) station nearby, and there was one, about four blocks away in a side alley, hidden under a trashcan. All she had to do was to place her Rover Tag to the side of the police telephone near the back and the hatch would open. She got away and the hatch closed just in time as the EPA men entered the alley - only to find her gone.

Back at the safety of the Golden Hydrants, Vicky explained her story to her family and showed the blueprints to the Master. He too was intrigued by the machine and its capabilities - including the dangers if it fell into the wrong hands. With only the pup as their lone witness, the Master had it placed into the Transdogmafier and turned it into a Road Rover. However, the results were comically tragic. The poor pup was only just bigger than Sport from "The Dog Who Knew Too Much" when he was a Rover, and she had poor vision, which meant she couldn't clearly see past her own nose. Her file number was "Subject #012219" but was seen as unworthy of being used - least as a normal dog.

Whilst the Master & Professor Hubert build a full replica of the brain-wave transfer machine, Vicky (in full Rover uniform) along with Hunter, Colleen & Shag return to the lab with Exile piloting the Pack Rover and jetpacks, and attain all the records and tapes of the subjects that had been made - and all under the noses of the Greenpeace & EPA men still checking the place out! This is because the Rovers can't be too sure in case someone in their is a spy for the wrong side, like Parvo, General Storm or even Colonel Chaos.

Upon their return, the machine's been completed in a spare chamber and #012219 is set to try it out, with a tape with the Master's brain pattern on. The machine works without a hitch and a quick interrogation proves to be successful (Hunter ask the spaniel a question only the Master would know and hadn't told anybody else; "How did the Rovers save the Master's life when they went back in time?", first without the electrodes on then with them on). This proved too infalicable to be let loose on the general public, so the Spaniel is made Rover and remains at the Golden Hydrants (she refused to have human owners again so quickly) and Vicky gave her a proper name by initialising her subject numbers; "Z-O-T-T-O-N".

Soon Zotton became a useful member as she was fed new brain patterns for various missions, and was even able to control the most complicated of machines without so much as a hitch. This ability more than enough makes up for her runty stature and shortsightedness.

At first, Professor Hubert gave her a spare pair of his glasses to walk around HQ with (after she accidentally went into the gents toilets and sat down on Shag (who was drinking from the bowl at the time) thinking he was a waiting couch for the ladies room) then she was issued with a rather cartoony sized pair once her examinations had been taken, but was soon issued with her own proper pair of glasses which contained electrodes so that she could carry out her missions without looking too freakish.

As long as she wears them, Zotton is the most special Rover of all time...
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Emilou1985 Featured By Owner May 31, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You might want to specify that she's a cocker spaniel. There are different breeds of spaniels.
Adam-Walker Featured By Owner May 19, 2017  Student Writer
That looks like Lady from Lady and the Tramp.
CCB-18 Featured By Owner May 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Like I said, I was inspired by that...
Adam-Walker Featured By Owner May 20, 2017  Student Writer
Ah, right. Of course you were.
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