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RR: 'Liberty Hostiles' Sequence by CCB-18 RR: 'Liberty Hostiles' Sequence by CCB-18
This is based on the Rambo cartoon "Exercise in Terror"

A group of school children, among are some exchange children from England, are held hostage by modern pirates in the Statue of Liberty, and won't be released a ransom of $100,000 are paid. The world is infuriated by this, including the Road Rovers as Persia relays radio transmissions and news bulletins to the Master.
Quickly, the Rovers head out to NYC, only to discover they aren't the first humaniod heroes on the scene. For who should come to the aid of New Yorkers than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themselves! (This is made by the Turbojet Rover almost crashing into the Turtle Blimp)

After a brief rooftop meeting, and a quick explanations and an alliance formed, the Turtles and Rovers steal up to the Statue and rescue the hostages, only for the pirates to escape in their sub through the sewers. But this isn't the end of the affair...

With the help of the Turtles' sensai, the Rover find the pirate's hideout in an abandoned sewage treatment sector, only to discover most of them have just left (thankfully a few guards make a sporting challenge for them) and there they find the plans for their next line of attack, as it seems it was possible that the exchange students, who are returning home that very evening, were whom the pirates were really after.

The pirate's next target is an ocean liner bound for UK. The Liner, styled to look like 1920's ship, is packed with the latest features including a new power plant and state of the art navigational equipment. Thankfully, one of the Turtles' friends (now an undercover bodyguard) has already stowed herself on board.
As night falls, the pirates' sub steals up to the liner and releases canisters that give off a fog-like vapor when mixed with sea water which soon knocks out anybody who remains out on deck, and soon the liner with over a 800 souls aboard, sails into this fog unsuspecting of the danger they're in. The moment people start fall unconscious, the crew quickly harry them inside and seal off all outer windows, doors and hatches' and turn on the ships air purification system to maximum. But the bridge has no doors, and this then makes it easy for the pirates, now wearing breathing gear, to overwhelm the men on the bridge and hijack the ship. Thankfully, one of the passengers, who is one of the exchange students manages to get to the Radio Room and transmit an SOS before fleeing to hide in the hold, taking an override master key and a radio handset with him.

So, with the Turtles by their side, the Rovers in radiation suits take to the red Sky Rover and land on the ship's stern without the pirate's knowing. Soon the young lad contacts them with his handset and helps them enter the hold, where the Turtles's friend also hid herself and explain the situation. The lad knows his friends will help to and so they begin the journey up to the bridge.

So now begins the challenge to take out the pirates and reclaim the ship before it's at the mercy of the sea....


I bet nobody say this coming.

Road Rovers 
© :iconwarnerbrosplz:
Captain Walker D'Plank © Mac B Inc
TMNT © Mirage Studios
Rupert Bear © Nelvana
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