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RR: 'How the Rovers Re-Conquered the West' by CCB-18 RR: 'How the Rovers Re-Conquered the West' by CCB-18
This is quite an amusing story as the Road Rovers once again go into Thunderbirds-style title sequence again.

A newly restored Wild Western Locomotive is traveling across America to reenact the first crossing of the Transcontinental Railroad. Among the passengers is the director of the organisation, Dr Durant (a descendant of Rail Baron himself), and two of the men who sponsored and helped with the locomotive's repairs, the Earl of Sodor and the Fat Controller, Sir Robert Norramby & Sir Topham Hatt, themselves!

However, there's someone else who has an interest in the train too, Diesel 10 - but only because the train's to be carrying a shipment of gold bullion from Fort Knox in Kentucky to Fort Thwax in California for the Western Seaboard Reserve. He had failed to hijack the gold between Fort Knox and the connecting depot, but he wasn't giving up. He tried to attack the train, and failed again when he went down the wrong line by mistake and crashed into a gully.

After this, Sir Topham decides not to take any more chances and asks Durant to call for help. Durant says they don't need it, but Sir Topham's welcomed to try for himself from the Radio Car (one of the few modern cars on this classic train). So he calls the Road Rovers for help.

The only available one was Exile, so he meets the train at one of its watering stops and is assigned to guard the bullion.
Sadly, it's not long before Exile becomes fed up, as many of the giddy passengers (including Sir Robert) keep coming up pestering him with stereotypical questions about Russia or the Road Rovers and asking him to do something Russian, like Cossack Dancing, or something embarassingly doggy. They just won't leave him in peace. The only exception is Sir Topham, whom both get chatting with when he brings Exile dinner, and Exile see that the Rovers and Sir Topham's engines aren't all that different.

However, Diesel 10 attempts make another attack during the night, so Exile radios in for an Air Strike, but something happens. A sudden bolt of lightning strikes the track and the entire train; locomotive, passengers, gold shipment and Exile, along with Diesel 10, suddenly vanishes through a wormhole opened up by the lightning.

Thankfully, Exile's tag tracker is still functioning, and the Rovers discover that the train's miracously wound up in the middle of the deserts of Arizona, after going offline for 20 minutes. So taking the Pack Rover with Hunter's mother's master's modified  crop-duster airplane ("A Day in the Life") stowed within, Hunter flies the rest of the team to the coordinates given from Exile's tag, and after flying through a sudden sandstorm (2 miles up in the air, mind you) find themselves in a place where time seems to have stood still - Moo Mesa. (This is only indicated after they touch down and are promptly surrounded by the LawC.O.Ws themselves, Marshal Moo Montana, Dakota Dude & the Cowlorado Kid)

They find the train safe at CowTown, along with all the passengers, (who think it's part of the package) as well as Exile and the gold shipment, but things are not all well. For in a state of drunkenness over a game of cards, Durant slurs about the gold shipment to Mayor Bulloney, who passes the info onto the Masked Bull, who's caught up with Diesel 10, when the warship diesel crashed through the wall of his hideout after the two trains got separated  in the wormhole.

The good news is that the radios are still working, but the bad news comes from when Professor Hubert figures out what happened from Exile's report. The storm had occurred during a Dark Orange Moon - an occurrence that lasts only 4 days - so if the train's not off the Mesa by the last night when it turns red (which is that night) then the train and its passengers, along with the Rovers, will be stuck up there for another 8 years!

So now, the Rovers and the C.O.W-Boys have to get everybody back onto the train and safely off the Mesa before the night's out, whilst tackling the Terror of the Mesa and the Devil of the Railways from stealing the gold...


How's that grab you folks?

Road Rovers © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
Wild West C.O.W-Boy of Moo Mesa © Ryan Brown
Diesel 10, Fat Controller & Earl of Sodor © HiT Entertainment & Britt Alcroft
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