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RR: 'Hot Situations' Sequence by CCB-18 RR: 'Hot Situations' Sequence by CCB-18
This is a follow on from here; as I continue with creating title sequences for Road Rovers à la Thunderbirds style, still I was inspired by :icondingofan: and bluehairedgirlstudio.

Whilst on a Hawaiian vacation to get away from it all (mostly Blitz), Hunter and Colleen are contacted by the Master on their dog tags to investigate a series of seismic activities taking place near what is listed as a dormant volcano.

The two Rovers soon arrive at what appears to be a cross between a quarry and an archaeologist's excavation site, and soon find out what's going on.
Turns out Professor Eugene Otwater ("Still Few Bugs in the System") has been released from Sunnyville Sanitarium, but doesn't seem as keen on bugs as he was the first time they met him, and is the leader of this dig. He is convinced that the volcano holds a hidden treasure, but sadly believes that the volcano is safe to work dynamite in. The two Rovers try to convince him and the workers to stop digging, but none believe them - all claiming that what they are doing is "perfectly safe". However things are about to turn really ugly...and hot.

In one of the old magma chambers, Otwater discovers an ancient temple gateway - but in doing so he awakens the Guardian, a goat-headed goddess-like being who'd been under a spell of comatose as a statue since the Spanish Invasion of Mexico, until the digging and the blasting woke her up. In her fury, she tries to send the intruders away but they won't listen, so, in her wrath, she unleashes a fire demon on them which in turn causes the volcano to irrupt and the newly burrowed tunnels to collapse.

Knowing now they need help, Hunter and Colleen call in other Rovers in onto the scene to help out, whilst they do their best to evacuate the site. Exile soon arrives with the others in the Pack Rover on the scene, only to discover 4 people, including the professor, are unaccounted for - along with the Guardian. Thankfully two men are quickly recovered from the entrance tunnel and inform the Rovers that the rest of them are trapped in the gateway chamber. Luckily, the Professor has a video link on him. As he sends an SOS, the Guardian admits that she has no official control over the Fire Demon, since she summoned him in a fit of temper, and now she cannot send him back (basically a case of the 'Sorcerer's Apprentice')...

Now the Rovers have a series to tasks to do;
  1. Rescue the trapped men within the volcano before the lava fills the chambers
  2. Try and divert the lava flows towards the sea.
  3. Defeat the Fire Demon before he does any damage, for as soon as it gets out of the volcanic area, the first place it will strike will be Honolulu!
However, the Rovers can only do the first two successfully...

So whilst Colleen and Shag take the Cave Rover to rescue the Guardian and the trapped men, Hunter, Exile and Blitz use the Burrow Rover to dig tunnels from the lava vents into the sea. As for the Demon, Air Force and Fire Brigades prove to be ineffective in stopping the monster, which is getting bigger by the minute.
Hunter guesses that conventional attacks are no good, so what they need are fighters who are un-conventional - almost wacky. And who better than the Warner Siblings themselves?

Quickly, the Master contacts the Warners and they go Super Siblings and take on the Demon in their Water-Tower Zord, ready to defeat the monster by all means possible...


This is not only dedicated to :icondingofan:, but to :iconshadowlore: & :iconthe-rebel-angel: for some of their Animaniacs/Road Rovers Crossover Fanfics up here...

Road Rovers, Animaniacs © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
Gormiti © Marathon
Toriel © Toby Fox

MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2016   General Artist
Nice collage here.
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