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RR: 'Fashion Warriors' Sequence by CCB-18 RR: 'Fashion Warriors' Sequence by CCB-18
This episode revolves mostly around Colleen and is a cross between the episode of the same name from The Incredible Hulk series and the classic Thunderbirds episode "Alias Mr. Hackenbacker", and involves the biggest crossover the Rovers have ever had.

An English professor has invented a revolutionary material that can be made to look all sorts of fabric, from silk to nylon, (even animal skins without endangering any species - and it doesn't have that annoying creaking squeak sound leather makes) is fireproof, bulletproof & waterproof, and can be washed, crushed, screwed, boiled - and it still comes out clothes peg fresh.

So incredible is this material that it's not just good for humans, but also those with extra appendages such as tails, wings, hooves and even flippers! The trouble is, the professor cannot find a suitable place to hold his fashion show without any fears of his invention or designs being stolen, he even thinks to hold it on top of Big Ben.

Luckily, help is at hand. One of the models selected (retired for 10 years) is the mother of the young bear who helped the Rovers & the Turtles with the Statue of Liberty Hostage incident (see here; and one of his friends comes up with a solution, hold out at sea. 

The S.S. Happy Wanderer is retiring from services to be turned into a hotel, like the Queen Mary, after it's final voyage from NYC to Africa, where the ships's to be moored. What better place to hold it, and display the new fabric to the queen of the city the ship's been sold to?

So the professor agrees and arrangements are quickly made as the ships leaves Great Britain for the last time and heads for New York to pick up the other models. 

During the journey, Colleen gets invited to take part, and the Master agrees, as things are so quiet the Rovers could do without her for a bit.

At New York, Colleen meets her fellow models as he boards; a mechanic from Chicago, three young ladies from Beverly Hills, a young teen from the outskirts of La Brea with an interest in dinosaurs, a yellow anthro triceratops, the lizard who also helped the Rovers deal with pirates (see aforementioned link), the Rovers' other friend, the Wind Deity in human form, a female rabbit, and even a green giantess. (No prizes for guessing who they all are ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) )

At first, the show goes well as the Happy Wander sails for Africa, but trouble is just on the horizon. For the ship's soon boarded by pirates and taken over, whilst a gangster tugboat, who helped them to board during the night, tows the ship to a new location during the night! (Colleen thought she saw something through her cabin porthole, but put it down to her tiredness and slept on it)

The pirates soon make their presence known when the Beverly Hill Models accidentally stumble across them the next morning!

Thankfully, Colleen gets the models and the visiting news reporter from NYC's Channel 6 to safety in the hold as the pirates reek havoc during the show, taking everybody hostage, and Colleen discovers that they are more than just models. The Beverly Girls are super-spies, assigned to protect the new fabric by request of MI5, the giantess, the triceratops and the Deity are superheroes, the mechanic is friends of the Biker Mice, the young girl is really a secret scout, the news reporter is training to be a ninja and even the bear and rabbit are more than they appear to be...
One factor Colleen notices is that the boarders bought more weapons than they needed. So using them (though Colleen's first choice of weapon was a sock full of lukewarm spaghetti) the girls plan to take back the ship, throw out those pirates and save the day!

Meanwhile, after Colleen sent them a distress message, the Rovers are quickly making their way to the ship in Professor Hubert's latest creation, the Aqua Rover; an aquatic base that has a jet plane mounted on the front, ready to launch - so the enemy would never know the Rovers were following them until the plane appeared on the radar...when it would be too late.


NOTE 1: You may note that like this episode; this sequence has more clips than the rest, since I followed this from bluehairedgirlstudio's fan episode "Day of Deception" which had 15 clips instead of 13 should you count them (not including the title cards);… plus, there was so much plot involved...(it was also awkward to get hold of the fashion show scene without the FOX Kids logo in the corner)

NOTE 2: It was impossible to find a dress doll of Vanilla, so I settled for editing a clip of her, but the outfit in question belongs to

NOTE 3: I edited some of these to fit all the necessary characters and situations it...

Road Rovers © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
She-Hulk © :iconmarvelplz:/:icondisneyplz:
April & Mona Lisa © Mirage Studios
Mrs Bear & Professor © Nelvana
Jessica & Totally Spies! © Marathon
Vanilla the Rabbit © :iconsegaplz:/:iconsonicteamplz:
Charley © Brentwood Television
© DiC Animation
Lucy © Cookie Jar Entertainment
© HiT Entertainment
Happy Wanderer © Rank Organization Films
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