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RR 'Diamonds Aren't a Dog's Best Friend' Sequence by CCB-18 RR 'Diamonds Aren't a Dog's Best Friend' Sequence by CCB-18
Now I've been watching a lot of Murder She Wrote, as well as watching Netflix's Series of Unfortunate Events, and I couldn't resist this combo involving the Road Rovers.

Technically, the Rovers don't appear in this episode till act 2. The first part involves Dennis Stanton, a gentleman cat-burglar turned insurance investigator, with as many trick umbrellas as the Penguin, from San Francisco. He was on the trail of a criminal actor, known as "The Count", and managed to expose him for smuggling stolen diamonds - however, poor Dennis lost the trail after the thief's associates, disguised as a police forensic's team, helped him to escape. So Dennis got the diamonds back, but lost the culprit. Now he can only bide his time till The Count strikes again - wherever valuable jewels are to be found next...

Three weeks later (not too sure how long that is in Dog Years), the Rovers are responding to a distress call from a science lab in Lincoln, Nebraska. The thief managed to see a vital formula that can create precious jewels from plain water (get that in a water supply, and it's an upset and endangerment to the environment, as well as putting lives at risk). The thief was none other than The Count himself, intending to sell it off, bit by bit, to diamond traders. This was an easier way to smuggle diamonds - since customs would be looking for diamonds that don't exist yet.
And once again, he evades capture and manages to find a hideout in the mansion of a wealthy and despicable woman near the outskirts of Omaha, Mrs K. Stoneheart. Her wealthiness and meanness is as well known in the region as is her hatred of dogs (not fear - hatred). When the Count tells her of the formula's capabilities, she accepts his proposal to hide him and his troupe with her, in exchange for all the diamonds her estate can hold.

Meanwhile, with the trail gone dog-nose cold for the Rovers, they don't notice Dennis in the crowd of spectators. So busy are they, that they don't see him amble up to the Street Rover Hunter & Colleen were just high-speed chasing in a few moments ago, open up the trunk and climb in, hiding himself from view.
It's not till the Rovers return to the Golden Hydrants that Dennis makes his presence known to them, by popping open the trunk and climbing out in the hanger. He's then taken to the Master - who turns out is a long-lost friend of Dennis. Dennis knew him before Professor Shepard was double-crossed by Parvo and his laboratory destroyed and (Dennis feared) Shepard destroyed with it. This was also after Dennis turned to catburglary as means of insurance payback following his wife's death, but before becoming an investigator.

Seems that Shepard had insured his transdogmifier plans and although Dennis had no doubts it wouldn't work, he believed that it wouldn't be possible...until now (even after reading all about the Rovers in the papers, he wasn't sure if it was true or not). Particularly when, following the destruction, the insurance paperwork had to be sorted, since Shepard had no next of kin to send his money onto or deal with his affairs, so the Shepard File had been abandoned by Dennis's company (but he still kept it as a token of a lost friend).

As Hunter explains the situation to the Master, Dennis guesses that both he and the Rovers are after the same man. So, working together (something Blitz isn't too happy about when Dennis managed to remove not only Blitz's collar by also his underwear without taking Blitz's suit off), they set off for Omaha, following a clue Dennis found where he saw the Rovers - a scrawled address on a crumpled old napkin. With his help, he's able to enter a "Mega Diamond sale" auction, sponsored by Stoneheart herself, without arousing suspicion - since the Rovers would be too conspicuous (especially with a "No Dogs Allowed" sign at the front door).

Now, it's a battle of timing and wits as Dennis and Rovers unmasked the culprits in front of the general public, and get the formula back before it does any damage...or least, any further after one of the Count's dim-witted henchmen accidentally flush as sample down the toilet and the contents reacted with the water supply to the fountains in the park...

NOTE: Sorry about the Boomerang logo in Stoneheart's image, but I couldn't find any episodes without it.

Road Rovers © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
Count Olaf © Netflix & Lemoney Snicket
Dennis Stanton © Universal Studios
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