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RR: 'Day of Cats and Dogs' Sequence



This episode is one of two in which the Road Rovers find themselves in an alternative universe, similar to that of Earth. I also based this plotline on bluehairedgirlstudio's fan episode "Day of Deception"…

Upon returning from a rescue mission from Mississippi which took them into the night, the Rovers fly into a sudden thunderstorm and find themselves falling through a vortex, and come out over, what they think is, a normal city. Hunter lands the Sky Rover in the city after receiving a disjointed distress call from someone below. As soon as Hunter touches down in the street outside the city hall, he is surrounded by armoured vehicles and armed men...which turn out to be Cats. The Rovers have arrived in MegaKat City, and Hunter's foolishly fallen into Enforcer's Leader, Commander Feral's trap for the SWAT Kats by mistake! Now the folks of MegaKat City and the Enforcers regard Hunter and his aircraft as some kind of alien, since he appeared out of nowhere.

Trapped in the Sky Rover and unable to take off (for if he does, he will be fired upon immediately) Hunter manages to radio a warning to Exile in the Pack Rover, who zooms off, but has to battle his way out of the MegaKat City limits from the Enforcers' air fleet, but is soon caught up by the TurboKat. Thankfully, Exile lands the Pack Rover safely 20 miles away and the Rovers meet the Swat Kats face-to-face, who form an alliance (since the deputy mayor secretly radioed them to inform them of what was happening, and that she suspects the Rovers are of no danger at all)... 

Meanwhile, Hunter spends the next 12 hours being endless attempts to coax him out of the Sky Rover (for its secrets is what the Commander's now after) as the city watches in from the local TV news-station.

To make things worse, something happens at Enforcers' HQ, involving an ancient (alien) artifact that had been taken in to be quarantined. The city's local scientist tries to warn them, but there's a traitor within the Enforcers (not an evil traitor, just some who's been tricked with empty promises of power to fuel his ambition) to doesn't pass the message on and proceeds to lock down the building and block all incoming communications.

At the scene of the Sky Rover, another cat, claiming to a scientist in dealing with space intelligence (sort of like the X-Files) and tries to warn the Commander that the artifact is dangerous and having it in his own HQ was just asking for trouble. He doesn't believe her, but by then it is too late.

By then the evil force from within the artifact commences to take over the systems, which includes the overrides to all Enforcers vehicle and aircraft. This provides a good enough detraction for Hunter to make his escape before the Enforcers have taken it into their heads to switch to manual control and follow orders. However, the Commander's niece, also an Enforcer was able to sneak on board the Sky Rover before it took off by climbing up through the landing gear. When she confronts Hunter in the cockpit, she tells him that she doesn't believe her uncle's accusations, and has a feeling the Rovers can help out.

Soon, the Rovers returns backed up by the Swat Kats and commence rescuing the city from its current predicament. With the aid of the young lieutenant, the Rovers, Swat Kats and the Space Scientist manage to infiltrate Enforcers' HQ through passages the lieutenant knows of that are undetectable to the systems.

The Rovers then find out it was the force within the artifact that brought them to Megakat City, thinking the Road Rovers, Enforcers and Swat Kats would wipe each other out. The heroes now have to pull out all stops to defeat this specter - even destroy the top of Enforcers' HQ....


Guest appearance of the Atrocimator, played by Tim Curry, from the American adaptation of the classic Thunderbirds back in 1994; Turbo-Charged Thunderbirds;… - which to me looked more like Thunderbirds meets Power Rangers...

You can find 7 episodes on YouTube:… (though episode 1 is unavailable to show)

This is also dedicated to :iconthe-rebel-angel:, who did cross Road Rovers, Animainiacs and Swat Kats together in one of his fanfics; BBARR Part 2

Road Rovers © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
Swat Kats © Hannah-Barbera
Lt M'Ress © Filmation
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