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RR: 'Crystal Empire Rescue' Sequence by CCB-18 RR: 'Crystal Empire Rescue' Sequence by CCB-18
This episode is inspired by the classic Captain Scarlet episode "Point 783" and by bluehairedgirlstudio Thunderbirds fan episode "Catastrophic Malfunction";…

For any MLP: FiM fans, this all takes place before Twilight becomes an Alicorn...let alone before the Equestria Girls movies even began.


Seems the adventure involving the stolen satellites; brought the Road Rovers into a War of Nerve, with enemies coming off from all directions - some of which make Parvo look like a spoiled school bully(!)

In this case, the Rovers get an announcement of a threat from an unknown source, stating that the Palace of Crystal will be destroyed within the next 24 hours. But how it will be done, nobody knows.

Meanwhile, in the deserts of Texas, Persia picked up transmissions that the US Army are testing their latest robotic tank, the "Unitron" before displaying it to world and military leaders from around the world. However, something extraordinary happens - the Unitron suddenly veers off course and vanishes right off the testing range, and in front of the controllers' cameras!
Suspicions were aimed at a field trip that had just left - with one student less than when it arrived...but that same missing teen wasn't on the bus when it left for the base either. (Later discoveries are made when x-ray footage show the missing student was impervious to them, thus making her a Mysteron)

With no means to stop the Unitron, for somebody managed to program the computer control, so the Unitron will not stop till it's destroyed its target, the US Army have no choice to call in the Rovers, for the Unitron is packed with 4000 pounds of high explosive shells and bombs, as well as a flamethrower, would would be devastating in populated area...

But with still no clues has to who stole the Unitron and how it was done, the Rovers guessed that the Unitron would be used to carry out the threat, but to where that target is, they don't know. Colleen thinks it's the Ice Palace in Saint Petersburg, whilst Blitz believes it's Crystal Palace in London, and is sure the Unitron won't carry it out because by the time it reached London, it would've run out of fuel...but is reminded by Professor Hubert that the Unitron went into a wormhole - which meant that it could travel across entire continents, and never loose half a galleon! So it could go charging pell-mell into London!

Thankfully, their friend, the Guardian calls in and informs them that she's found it, whilst searching all the dimensions. The Unitron is now running amok - in the land of Equestria, shooting anything that moves and blowing up anything that doesn't! Earth Ponies, Unicorns and Pegasi throw everything they can, from digging deep ditches, direct spell blasts and dropping rotten produce onto the Unitron, but it proves useless as it still carries on before charging out of Ponyville.

Taking a Street Rover and some Sky Rovers, the Rovers make for the Testing Grounds to inform the Army of their news, leaving Colleen their to help supervise, whilst the controllers give Shag some hover-cameras so he can record the Unitron defences in action, even against magic. Hunter then leads the rest of the Rovers to Equestria, where they gain help from the Mane 6, after rescuing them from Applejack's flattened barn.

Both teams, in communicating with the Testing Grounds, try to come up with plan of stopping it, short of either draining the fuel tanks or neutralising the Unitron's engines but they look hopeless. And yet, they must work fast. The Unitron is on a direct course with the Crystal Empire! So Hunter speeds of ahead of the Unitron to get the Royal Family to safety, whilst the Rovers and the Wonderbolts distract the Unitron by providing heat from the air.


(This next bit is for :icondingofan:)

The outcome leaves Hunter with two bullets in his left arm, the Unitron & Street Rover totalled and the Mysteron Agent (who has been transported to Equestria, for it was she the Unitron was programmed onto) destroyed within the Street Rover (which she stowed away in and caused the Unitron to chase them before revealing herself to them), and the Crystal Empire saved.
Colleen is made temporary leader of the Rovers till Hunter is better, Chase to take Hunter's place at the White House and the search begins for Hunter's sisters, whom will later form the Silver Streakers; a team of female fighter pilots in Rover-adapted ex-RAF fighter planes (the Master was inspired by the Enforcers of MegaKat City; and some of the Rovers other ariel missions to create this team), lead by the runt of the litter; a completely female version of Hunter, right down to his mannerisms and catchphrases, but who will become acting-Leader of the Road Rovers till Hunter makes a full recovery...
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