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RR: 'City of Dogs' Sequence



I've been watching episodes of Dog City recently, after vieweing :icondcaldwell101:'s fanfic "Dog City Vs The Mask", and I thought this might quite humors to the Road Rovers more than any other show...

The whole incident was really Blitz's fault. He had been loudly complaining about being treated like a dog, even as Rover. This was because the Rovers had just finished a storm rescue mission in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (a.k.a the world's biggest nursing home) and the elderly women treated them just like cute little puppies.

On the way home, Hunter decides to drop in their friend in Hawaii, the Guardian of the Gateway (see; and see how she's coping following her wake-up incident. The visit goes well, except Blitz won't stop complaining or grumbling. All he wants is just to be treated equally with people, instead of being treated like a dog (which is he is - which sounds a little redundant)...

As the Rovers head home, the Guardian secretly plans to give Blitz his wish, and opens a gateway in a storm cloud bank...sending the Rovers to - DOG CITY!

When the Rovers make a spectacular arrival over the city, and aid in several rescues and police take-downs the Rovers soon prove to be more popular than even Rosie O'Gravy and Ace Hart: Private Eye Dog, put together.

However, it's not long before the idiosyncratic ways of Dog City; howling at the moon, squeaky toy fascinations, always eating out of dog-bowls, iconic hydrants all over the city, trying to act like people and still behaving like dogs, the stereotypical Irish cops, 
even the way the folks in the city talk, makes Blitz start to regret his frustrated outburst and long for the sanity that is humanity...but in order to return home, they have to create the same vortex that brought them their in the first place...

Meanwhile, two of Dog City's most dangerous society menaces, Bugsy Vile and Baron Von Rottweiler work together to come up with a plan that soon puts the whole city in chaos, but they never counted on the Road Rovers being about. Their main target is Ace, so they get to him by kidnapping Rosie and Eddie - though, with Colleen quickly impersonating Rosie for the sake of the press, Bugsy decides to make his move ahead of schedule.

Thankfully, the Rovers make a successful nab in capturing Rottweiler, just as he's in the process of raiding a warehouse for industrial-sized electrical generator parts, and put him in the doghouse. Then, Blitz dresses up as Rottweiler (since both have German accents) and infiltrates Bugsy's lair, leaving the way clear for Ace and Rovers to save the City, and in doing so, helping the Rovers find their way home...


Now, if this doesn't have a lot of canine humor in it, I don't know what does...

Now this is the second episode that has the Rovers travelling to another dimension.

The only thing outside the assembly was the vortex picture of the Rovers's aircrafts, and scene where Ace and Hunter rescue Eddie & Rosie.

Road Rovers© :iconwarnerbrosplz:
Dog City © Jim Henson
Toriel © Toby Fox
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