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RESCUED: Pregnant Sherrif Sunni by Wallaroo by CCB-18 RESCUED: Pregnant Sherrif Sunni by Wallaroo by CCB-18
This is another piece by :iconwallaroo: involving Sunni from Gummi Bears, as Sheriff Sunni - and following from this piece; Pregnant Sheriff Sunni by Wallaroo.
I stumbled across this after putting his FA account onto the search engine, and it came up with this image that was linked to a side gallery for;… (NOTE: You have to be a member to view this gallery, and there only seems to be :iconwallaroo: (who goes by the name of Onyx67) there, aside from myself as a recent addition)

Seems that this Wild Western Town took a liking to having a woman as Sheriff. It also seems that somebody (possibly Gusto, Buddi or some other Gummi Bear) loved her not too well...just not wisely - and left Sunni with a bun in the oven and a shotgun in her hand, plus a price on his own head! (Probably be the first time the groom was forced to marry by the bride - but when you're the sheriff, you may not have much choice(!))

Let's hope he'll do the sensible thing and come home to marry Sunni, or shall Sunni set a new trend in unwed, single working mums in the law?

Folks are welcomed to colour this in for themselves, but I'll have a go at it myself...and put this current image into drafts.
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January 22, 2017
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