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RESCUED: Kevin and Kell 18-4-17 (Pregnancy Morphs) by CCB-18 RESCUED: Kevin and Kell 18-4-17 (Pregnancy Morphs) by CCB-18
Again, the title speaks much for the image as we look through the Pregnancy Archive of Lindesfarne for this year.

Here, we have an double-edited piece of a panel from the 
:iconkevinandkell: comic of 18th April 2017;… , this time informing viewers of the advantages a pregnant bat can have - especially relief on the bladder.

As you can see, two artists tried to hyper up Desdemona's pregnancy with Fenton so she's be having a multiple pregnancy, which I put together instead of uploaded two different subjects - course the former wasn't what I was expecting to see (forgive the pun). I much prefer the latter image, but I'll let you viewers make up your own minds on which one is better...


I rescued these from the Edits pages of PregChan's Furry gallery, but this was before many of the techies  starting to become complete needle-jabs to those who'd haggle artists to make edits right on the spot (therefore putting up needless new posts asking where anybody was).

Mind you, I was shocked to later hear that somebody had the brazen nerve to call Bill's comics "garbage" - Eye Zoom Shocked 

If that's not respect towards a great artist, then they shouldn't be quick to judge on what's garbage or not. 

Why, :iconbholbrook: is one of the greatest webcomic artists the world has ever known, right there with Terence & Isabel Marks/:iconoctoneet::iconewschwartz:, :iconwallaroo:, Dutch, Jenner, :iconchalodillo::icona-fraser:, Jodi Tong, Kathering Garrison, Style Wager, D.C. Simpson, :iconrickgriffin:, :iconvickifox::iconvinci::iconthe-gneech:, Brian Temple, :iconrhjunior:, Margaret Carspaken, Susan Rankin and the late Albert Temple…

Would you call any of their webcomics "garbage"? 

No, you wouldn't. I know I wouldn't. Least I appreciate Bill's works. 

Still, I can't change the world or try to make people think like me, or enjoy the same things I enjoy.


Recued Stamp by CCB-18  No Copyright Infringement Stamp by CCB-18  
No Mean Comments Stamp by CCB-18 

Characters © :iconbholbrook:/:iconkevinandkell:
© :iconfkitzg:
FkitZG Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2017
Actually, both images were done by the same person (me).
CCB-18 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad to hear that. I'm surprised you didn't upload them here already...

I hope I haven't done you out of a task. I meant no disrespect by rescuing them...
FkitZG Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2017
It's no problem
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