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Possible Plots in ''Safe Havens'', 2017 by CCB-18 Possible Plots in ''Safe Havens'', 2017 by CCB-18
Following on from this piece I did back in August; Who Will Be Next? for :iconbholbrook:, I had another futuristic dream involving another of his webcomics for 2017 back in Early October. This time it was the comic Safe Havens, and it involved each of these characters.

I'll lay it out for you...
The comic layout was in the style of Bill's Sunday strips of Kevin & Kell and On the Fast Track (wasn't sure whether or not Safe Havens actually does that), and it even had a page title, again like his K&K comics and was entitled 'Not Again'. It was divided into 4 panels; one vertical panel on the left and 3 horizontals on the right. And the date was somewhere in the near future, possibly following Gregor's birthday, but not long before the Mars Mission (I think one year).

The larger panel had Sam & Dave are making the final arrangements as they have one year left before blast-off, and hope nothing goes wrong now (either that or they're coming back from a long holiday, I cannot remember, but Sam was at her computer, as if checking her emails). However, they've been out of the loop for a while and things have happened whilst they were away.

In the top panel on the right-hand side, Rosalind's in the sweater's she been recently wearing, and is VERY pregnant (possibly 7-8 months) with her second child. However, she's sitting alone (cross-legged) at a Lamaze class, so no sign of Rupert, and is being talked to by a dark-skinned man who looks like Guy from On the Fastrack and has his arms around the waists of twin girls, whom appears to be similar in appearance to Sophie, and both of them are about 4-5 months pregnant. (I cannot remember what the guy was saying)

In the middle panel, the Dodos are up to their tricks again, either a get-rich-quick scheme or trying to escape Sam's lab, by catapulting themselves through a window and fly away (but the violet one's crashed just below the window just as the blue one left the sling).

In the bottom panel, Clay & Candide are still competing against each other. This time, it's fancy hats and Candide is wearing a tall, curvy pyramid hat, (rather like an oriental monk's hat) of red & gold and decorated with bells, ribbons and beads. She knows Clay can't beat her this time, and even the viewers can see it in his expression, especially since he's hatless.


Does any of that sound weird or what? Do you think I've delved into possible future events in these comics again? If not, I hope I've given Bill some inspiration. In any case, I've covered a lot of ground.

NOTE: When I wrote of this to  Bill, he stated that "...there's never been a Safe Havens Sunday strip, since it was originally syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group to be paired with Berke Breathed's Sunday-only Outland. That never worked out, and when it moved to King Features in 1993 it remains Monday through Saturday."

This is certainly something, don't you viewers agree?

Characters © :iconbholbrook:

onemanarmy300 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016   Writer
How does this relate to LoC?
CCB-18 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
It doesn't. I don't know how it got into that group, but I've just removed it from there.
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