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Raven Tribe
Treasure's piled up in a cave,
Snatch the lot with ease will
"Show Chima what we can do"
gaily boast the Ravens

Hurridly they fill their sacks
Tie up young Langueia
When the Guardian pops up --
Whoosh, flee the Ravens!

Razar Vs James
Sheriff James is riding high
taking all the praises
"Rid of him's what I shall do"
Slily schemes old Razar

Sneakily he brews his scheme,
the big feather duster
when the Sheriff turns the tides --
Squark goes Razar's Tribe!

Weapons, CHI or even food,
"Snatch them from the saps will
Prove Windra that I'm her champ"
Rudely boasts wolf Worriz

In and out he skulks about
Grumpy and bad tempered
When his plans all go to pot --
Pop goes poor Worriz!

Cragger & Crooler
CHI is in the Sacred Pool
Sieze the Lion Temple
"Show Chima what we can do"
Cruely snarls King Cragger

'Cross Chima he leads his troops
strung along by Crooler
When they fin'ly meet their match --
Pop go the Croc Twins!

Daughter's signed up to be wed
to the Lion Prince-oh
"So Laval must marry her"
sternly barks the tiger.

But Laval has Eris heart
Out of it he wiggles
Then Li'Ella takes Windra --
Pop goes mad Tormak!

Sir Fangar
Fighters rising from the ice
half-alive and frozen
"Rule Chima's what I will do"
fouly vows Sir Fangar

'Round the land he makes his plans
quite delapidated
When he fin'ly lost his head --
Splat went Sir Fangar!
I was watching this Sodor Rap Battleby Victor Tanzig on YouTube;… and one part really got my attention @ 2:01 - 2:17.

I thought of who would most likely sing this kind of song throughout Chima, and whilst the Gorillas seem like a good option, I thought that the Beavers would do credit to it, as like the Trucks of Sodor, they're small, get about everywhere and might enjoy a good sing-song as they work.

So here, I have some of the pains of Chima having their comeuppances sung about by the busy Beaver Tribe of Chima, even though they blame the Lion Tribe and their allies for making Chima laugh at them, the villains have only themselves to blame...

Characters © :iconlegoplz:
Sheriff James 
© :icononemanarmy300:
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