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This is the conclusion to this: [link] in which my fursona, Charles, comforts Venus. He may have not known the new TMNT very well, but in the amount of time he HAS spent with them, he's shown more trust, love and companionship in Venus than the others may do.
He treats Venus in the way a child of her age SHOULD be treated - like the child he hasn't got (mainly because he can't find the right kind of woman to settle down with yet).

What she may think of herself from her "family's" point of views, Charles thinks quite the opposite...

[Splinter] So she's no substitute - big whoop! She still needs the love of a family.
[Mikey & Donny] Sure she acts and thinks like a child - but she still IS a child and yet willing to learn.
[Raph] So what if she's a fake? HE doesn't care! And it doesn't matter to Charles what gender Venus is - many girls in history have done great things; ie Joan of Arc and Mulan.
[Leo] Wrong! Somebody DOES want her and they DO have a place for her!

This was the sort of care and support that ended up with Charles becoming Venus' God-Father for if anything happened to Splinter and the Turtles, she would be immediately be placed in his care. Though I think she'd rather call him "Uncle Charles" than "Daddy" (Personally, he doesn't mind the term "Charles-Daddy"/"Daddy-Charles" whichever sounds better).

Therefore, through thick-and-thin, Venus will always have someone to go to for comfort and help...someone with a special place in his heart for her....
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This is sweet and sad. D: