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This is a brief message as Lindesfarne approaches the end of her pregnancy this month, I has some more dreams about it on Sunday 30th-Monday 31st June.

This is probably because I'm on tenderhooks with what's happening to her and Fenton at camp, and keen to know what's going to occur next, or how her labor'll will go.

These were only brief snippets, and I can't remember the entire dream or what the whole dream strips were about, but I'll give it a shot.

1. In the first dream strip, the Dewclaw Family had just helped save a nesting bird of a rare breed from predators, and now she's living in a hollow in a tree. In the second-to-last panel, Dewclaws have gather around and are peering in through the hole. In the last panel, the mother bird is sitting nest-side (not on the eggs), knitting like Aura did here;…, with two eggs in the nest, one red, one powder blue. And the background is the hole, with the Dewclaws looking in, rather hazy and yellowish - almost as if they were looking through a glass window. It was very much like the layout of a Christmas card.

2. In the second strip, Lindesfarne is in her bathroom, preparing for bed. She's dressed in dark blue pyjamas with white bird/cloud pattern (wasn't too sure on that, but similar to those worn by George here;… ) and pink fuzzy slippers, however her belly was not so big, possibly somewhere in her 5-6th month. Coney in second panel, fully dressed in her dark pink sweater & black trousers, asking Lindesfarne something as she flosses in the mirror (can't remember what that was either). Third panel shows Lindesfarne & Fenton in bed (Lindesfarne is sleeping on the left, facing the viewers, and Fenton's on right) and Lindesfarne asks "Has my water broken yet?" to which Fenton replies "Nope".

3. In the last one, it was just 1 large panel, consisting of just a dark blue background. Lindesfarne, massively pregnant & still in camping clothes, is lowering herself into a pastal orange arm chair (a pose simpler to one of Danielle's towards end of her pregnancy;… - 5th panel, but facing the right side of the frame) helped by Fenton (who's now taken his cast off his wing) and there's a loud "POP!!" behind them, in huge bold font (possibly either Berlin Sans FB, Forte, Jokerman or Showcard Gothic*) with a red-&-yellow fused colouring, indicating that possibly her water has broken...

12/8/17 - Mind you, I guess I've been on tenterhooks since last Friday about what's to happen next each morning when I check on this comic, that I've been having dreams about WHAT that strip might be as if we were trying to pace it out so we get a Sunday feature strip to this labor story.

In the early hours of this morning in fact, I had such a dream. Lindesfarne's in between pushes and telling Fenton that this isn't what she exactly had in mind as this was meant to be their delayed honeymoon (pose is similar to the first panel of this strip from Doc Rat back in early 2015;… )
In the second panel, Fenton agrees with with her and says there was not much they could do about it now. 
In the third and last panel, the enclosure of bats is still standing, but now there's a matching one of young squirrels from the camp in front of that, but all you can see are their big tails, and they're offering suggestions about what the two of them could do once the baby's born, indicating that Lindesfarne and Fenton were inside that one.

Anybody else been thinking like that?

14-8-17: Mind you, as Lindesfarne's pregnancy comes to a full close, this very morning I had another dream strip. Only this time, it was Kevin in a computer store or an office talking to two other men (one of them (on our right) being a bear with beard, glasses and supposedly bald head in a purple shirt) about how fortunate Lindesfarne was for her labor, whilst underneath is a light blue spiky banner with a notice saying "See full results on August 16th!" Does anybody think that might mean something?)

Then again, the worst thing in this whole sequence could all be just a dream, and Lindesfarne'll wake up, still pregnant… Shocked :bademoticon:  :bademoticon: 

21-8-17: Incidentally viewers, During the early hours of this morning, I had another dream comic strip involving Lindesfarne, Fenton & Turvy, following this one;…
In this one, Lindesfarne and Fenton were talking about the moment Turvy would fully open her eyes, and that they'd see whether she'd need glasses or not. They're in Hare Link Offices and Lindy's just done a fresh diapering.
Just behind them and to our right near the panel's boarder are Danielle, sitting on a chair and wearing the blue sweater and tracksuit bottoms she wore shortly after having Francis, and George, standing on her right in his usual office suit of black suit jacket and trousers, olive green shirt and black tie with his hand on Danielle's shoulder.
Danielle's looking pleased and telling George how, watching the newly-made parents, it was just like with them and their baby. George is looking suit surly and agrees with Danielle, but quietly adds before it all went to haywire for them (this is in regards to Francis turning human in 2009)...

In the next panel, it's just Lindy and Fenton telling each other how they can't wait to see their baby's eyes...

But in the last panel, a bar at the top reads "3 Weeks Later" and we're back at the office, only this time Lindy and Fenton are upset, almost howling like spoiled 5-year-olds because Turvy STILL hasn't opened her eyes, and has a black cloth blindfold tied around her head, and they're just wailing to the world in general "IS THIS EVER GOING TO HAPPEN?!" whilst, again on our right and on the edge of the panel sits Danielle at her desk, trying to carry on with her work, with the same pose and expression from the second panel of this strip;… and wearing the dark blue dungaree-dress she wore here;… along with a white turtle-necked, short-sleeved sweater and her hair back in the plaited braid (even though I never really cared for it) and thinking "Welcome to my world..."

Anybody ever think the same? 

(Sorry for the delay, when I would've written it that very morning, but I'd been rather busy and only just wrote it up @ 4pm...)

18/9/17 - Here's another dream I had involving Lindesfarne in the near future, just last night. I believe the date was reading late November 2017, and the family were gathering for Thanksgiving (or possibly Christmas) dinner and celebrating the newest entry to the family. Lindesfarne, wearing a pale mint green sleeveless grown, similar to the one worn on here wedding night;… (but without the collar more Greek/Roman like), was making the first toast and speech to her family both current and new, then Fenton made a similar one, and added "...with more on the way" and there was Lindy, sitting on the end of the table, with a telltale 4-6 month bulge in her midsection...

Think that might mean something?

27/12/17 A while back, on the night of 8th - 9th December, I had another preggy Lindesfarne Dream. You could say it follows the entry I had on the 18th September (enclose link). This time, the strip seems to start off with Lindesfarne and Fenton in bed (she's on the viewer's right, he's on the left) and she announces that her water just broke, rather much like Chelonia in On the Fastrack back in late August 2001;…. Next panel shows the bed swarming with kids, consisting of Coney, Francis, Wendell, Lin and Harcourt, and they're swarming mostly around Lindesfarne, who's surprised, but not showing any signs of labor pains. Fenton asks how/why it is that they have so many children and, in the next panel Lin replies that "it's all in the formula", and puts a baby bottle (probably containing either milk or baby formula) into Lindesfarne's mouth (like Terry did with Heather on some of their babysitting experiences in Raymond Branch's Barely Human. A good example or two are strip #543 of 2002 & #1261 of 2005, but sadly the web-archive site just doesn't want to cooperate). 
A third panel shows Lindy and Fenton out of bed (the kids are now probably preparing it for Lindesfarne to deliver) and standing side view to the viewers (Fenton in front of Lindy) and whilst Lindesfarne is her mint green sleeveless nightgown;… her 9-month baby bump isn't as massive as Bill normal draws them, but is more of the size the late Albert Temple Drew Tavie's in Gene Catlow.

Odd thing was events in the comic kept switching from Kevin & Kell to a bar scene with Daria from the show of the same name and her friend Janet, drinking. One strange thing was the friend said she was to be Lindesfarne's midwife and a last panel (their first panel between Lindy's second & third, that their second one following Lindy's third) then showed both women leaving the bar, but for some odd reason, whilst both were speaking in English, some of the text and letters was reversed (like the Toys 'R' Us sign).

Does any viewers think that there might be something in this one as well?
Odd, eh?

I know Bill usually writes his comics two months in advance of the strip, but do you think I might be visualising what he have have in mind?

Let me know what you think.

(* = See Microsoft Word)

Characters © :iconbholbrook:/:iconkevinandkell:
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