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My Moo Mesa Costume by CCB-18 My Moo Mesa Costume by CCB-18
This was my attempt at creating a costume based on Wild West C.O.W-Boys of Moo Mesa. This was for a Cowboys & Indians social event with the LLWR staff on 26th September.

Now I know it's not as good as either of these;, C.O.W-Boys Costumes & Moo Mesa Halloween Costumes, but it is a jolly good effort.

It's merely an ordinary cowboy outfit with a cow costume head on (the sombrero, gloves & bandanna were my own). The bandanna was there to hide the edge of the mask since I couldn't fit it into the collar of the shirt.

The only thing I couldn't find were cow's feet to finish off the effect, to make me look like a full Moo Mesan, or indeed spurs (but I think security at the social would've confiscated them anyway, along with any toy pistol should I wanted to bring one.

I put this all together via a costume hiring shop from North Camp (there was a cowboy outfitters in the local high street, but

a) It isn't open on Mondays
b) One shirt from there would cost as much as the entire costume put together.)

Despite the fact I'm used to working in costumes, I have to say that wearing that head got hot and rather awkward, but not uncomfortable. Had trouble trying to secure the hat on (even with the drawstring under the mask's chin) and the only way I could see out were through the eyes and nostrils (plus one of the security guards there didn't like it, and made me take it off - for fear that I would either break my own leg, or somebody else's from trying to see where I was going about, trying to feel about for a stair rail.

The badge too was a problem as it kept slipping about (no pin clasp, it was a slip-on clip) and even vanished just seconds after this picture was taken...turned up next morning under the radiator cover in the hall.

I think next time I do this again, I'll go for just a basic bull mask and a lighter hat.

All in all, I tell you this much; I certainly was very popular with everybody there as I went one better than everybody there. Got a lot of selfies out of it too.

(Too bad there wasn't a prize for best costume, I really would've won)

Hope you viewers like this.
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