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Mrs Bear in Windra's Clothes by CCB-18 Mrs Bear in Windra's Clothes by CCB-18
This is part of a Rupert story as he crosses his adventure with :iconlegoplz:'s Legends of Chima, but runs similar to the story of "Rupert & the Crystal Empire" or is another story for this; ''Rupert's Weird Mysteries'' Title
It all starts with a sinkhole that opens up in the middle of Nutwood village, but nobody dares approach it. Then during the night, the village gets raid; mostly stuff that isn't nailed down is stolen i.e. the produce from the grocers, garden furniture, a few windows and street lamps smashed, that sort of thing.

At first, suspicions go to the Fox Twins but even they can't be everywhere in Nutwood at once. Plus, footprints in places show the culprits not to be wearing shoes, and have paw-like feet, or webbed claw-like toes or even talons. Also found were large black feathers, a silver clasp in the shape of a wolf's head and (on Dr Lion's car) teeth marks of a crocodile.  And any tire tracks are shown to be made by vehicles with broad spiked wheels, or narrow ones on what Growler can only figure out to be as "a motorised wheelbarrow"... (Guess who those sound like, viewers) and all traces lead back to the sinkhole.

Later on Rupert, along with Bill, Algy, Podgy, Pong-Ping, Ottorline, Tigerlily, Edward & Gregory are taking a hike in the countryside, when Gregory spots something in the river near a mountain cliff. It's a large, blue crystal that glows. They take it to the Professor to examine - only for it to over-power all his electrical devices, the Chinese Conjurer - who can see it contains get power concentrated within and finally to the Wise Old Goat, who starts looking it up about it at once. (Can you guess what it is yet?)

However, greedy old Podgy thinks there maybe more of those things around, and the possibilities could be endless for selling them (for the Professor had told them that just one of those pearls could power the whole county for a month), so he goes to look for them, with Rupert and the others closely following him. And a walk up the cliff, through the cavern where the river flowed lead them to a strange new world, and when they climbed a tree and saw a floating mountain in the distance, they knew they weren't in Nutwood anymore.

They were in the land of Chima. 

Soon afterwards, they met up with Langueia (LoC: Langueia) and her Chima friends and take them to the Lion Temple, where their presence is result of a gateway that somehow got stuck open - and had to be closed before any further damage could be done.

But there was more trouble just round the corner. For PC Growler, the Professor and Mrs Bear, in her role of Volunteer Police Constable (VPC Bear), had ventured down the sink hole and ended up in Chima too - only to get themselves captured by Worriz and his Wolf Tribe.

Even the Crocodiles and Ravens joined in for the Wolves tormenting their new, strangely dressed prisoners. The Wolves strung up Growler by his ankles to a dunking arm, and dunked him in the waters of Crocodile Swamp, the Professor was placed in a dingy where the Crocodiles swam up, battering the boat and seeing who'd make the old man fall out, and Mrs Bear has been made the Wolves' kitchen slave.
Rupert saw all of this when he went to check it out (after he saw a Beaver wearing Growler's helmet - which Razar had flogged - and knew that something else was wrong), and found his mother locked in a small prison cell. He soon saw that only did they put a ball-&-chain on her as one precaution to stop Mrs Bear running away, but they'd also snatched her apron and dress off her, leaving her in only her underclothes, socks and shoes.

Thankfully, Wonald was able to help Mrs Bear later on, by not only getting the keys to the cell and her shackle, but he'd also taken Windra's clothes whilst she'd been asleep, along with a hooded cloak for Mrs Bear to put on - so if anybody saw her from the rear and at a distance, they would it with was Windra going out hunting with Wonald. (Though it's not till Windra wakes up and finds her clothes gone that the Rebels realise they've been tricked - especially when Growler and the Professor are rescued by the Gorilla, Beaver and Eagle Tribes helping the Lions)

Now comes a fight to stop the Rebels before they enter Nutwood again, and get lead to their demise, and close the gateways for good.

Hope you like this, and expect the full story in the near future...
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