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LoC The Angel - Maria by CCB-18 LoC The Angel - Maria by CCB-18
This is a Christmas Gift for :icononemanarmy300: as I've portrayed his character of Maria Varentti, mother of Angelo, aka The Angel.

This is how I envision her to look like, and in the outfit she was wearing when the AMU captured her, and still wearing when the army of Chima, along with her son, rescued her by attacking the holding facility she was being held prisoner in as a distraction, whilst Eglor, along with the Beaver and Rabbit tribes took the AMU's experimental drilling machine from it's hanger and drilled up through the floor of her cell.

The Chimans did their best to bring back all her personal effects from the Records Room, but all that was found was her handbag, which contained the following (some which the AMU had stuffed into a cabinet to make filing a lot more easier for them);
  • Her purse (many Chimans found it astounding that humans paid with plastic cards. After all, paper money is unheard of in Chima) - which was kept under guard later so the Ravens couldn't steal it
  • A make-up kit, pocket mirror and folding hairbrush.
  • The keys to her front door.
  • A packet of tissues.
  • A can of pepper spray.
  • Her Cellphone.
  • Her bus pass, driver's licence, photos of her family and Nurse's ID
  • Her pocket diary
  • Her Hospital Bleeper
  • Her wedding ring and wrist watch
  • Her mother's necklace and some wristbands.
Whilst living in Chima, Lagravis gives her a job as Chima's district nurse and Langueia gives her a nurse's uniform (from a image of the 50's edition) that she had Spikka make for her, and Angelo along with Langueia and her Chima family bring back her furniture from their old flat.

An interesting twist will be that Lagravis secretly falls in love with her, rather like Grandpa Simpson and Grandma Bouvier in "Lady Bouvier's Lover"...only she doesn't for him (yet the rest of Chima soon know of it) - rather like in The King & I.

NOTE: I based her outfit worn by Officer Miranda in Disney's Bonkers, when off duty.

As a bonus, folks are welcomed to try and make a LEGO Minifugre rendition of her. And I don't mind which format you use.
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December 22, 2016
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