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LoC The Angel - Fortesque by CCB-18 LoC The Angel - Fortesque by CCB-18
This is my own OC for :icononemanarmy300:'s LoC story, The Angel. I based him on Officer Barrowclough in BBC's Porridge.

This is the only good guy in the AMU following Angelo's rescue of his mother, Officer Wilberforce Alexander Fortesque. He is the second in command of the AMU, but doesn't have the respect or fear the Head of the AMU has.

This is because he's kind-hearted, and therefore seen as a pushover.

And as the Keeper of the Keys at the Holding Facility where Maria was held captive, none of the guards treated him properly either. They used him as a patsy, tricking him into signing chits for items they claim that'll help those suffering within their cells, but really are keeping it for themselves, and giving the inmates the worst of dregs - so think of Springfield Elementary crossed with a German Prisoner of War camp in WW2.

Course, he ended up in Chima by mistake, (since he was the only human locked inside during the attack when everyone else was outside, finding the Army of Chima) after Wort snuck up behind him in a corridor and walloped him over the head with his golden peg leg. He then stuffed the unconscious body into (what he thought was) an empty laundry cart and covered with a sheet, which Eris then filled up with books before loading the contents into a waiting Lion Tank (remember, Angelo had promised the Chimans could take as much loot as they could carry if they helped him)...and it wasn't until they got back to Chima when Eris unloaded the books and G'Loona found a boot - with a leg still in it!

Fortesque was recovered by Mootah squirting water from his trunk at him, but it was only Maria's kind words that saved him from getting torn asunder by Tormak, Crominus and the Wolves, because he was the only one who treated her kindly, gave her proper meals, and spoke to her whenever he could. Still unsure about him, Lagravis relented and allowed him to stay.

Course with the books, the Chimans had also taken the following;
  • A Drilling Machine;…
  • A Mobile Crane;…
  • 6 portable generators (like those seen at road works sites;…)
  • A Lazer Cutting Machine;…
  • 5 Jeeps
  • A Volcano Crawler;…
  • A Volcano Jackhammer;…
  • A Neutralizing Tractor;…
  • A Rhino-shaped Mechsuit; Rinona's New ''Suit''
  • A Fire-Fighting Tank;
  • An Electrically-generated Steam Shovel
  • A Chrysler TV-8 Tank;… (which was there to be modified)
  • The entire contents of the staff Library, recreation room (billiard table, TV, Stereo Radio & Sound-system, jukebox, comfy chairs, mini-bar, mini-fridge etc) the ammunition (but not the guns, just the gunpowder & explosives including fireworks and signal flares), kitchen (food (fresh & frozen), ingredients, and utensils; pots, pans, cutlery, fridge, freezer, ice-maker, etc - including the microwave), uniform & laundry stores)
  • Various bits of rescue & camping gear; grapple guns, pop-up tents, foil blankets, underwater gear, etc
  • A truck load of spy gear; tracking devices, homing beacons, Night-Vision Goggles, Voice-Disguiser, Geiger Counters, Metal Detectors, etc...and (most oddly) water diviner rods.
  • A whole array of power tools, including those found at building site and roadworks; jackhammers, rivet guns, gas cutters, welding torches etc...
  • Nearly all the medical supplies (Scarllet left a few items behind, such plasters, disinfectant, aspirin and some syringes)
and had left the Holding Facility a mess of rubble, wrecked vehicles and flames with battered men all over the place (but none dead). The sickening fact was all these items, and much more, were bought using the money Fortesque had signed for to help the inmates - not the staff.

These items were later auctioned in Chima after being closely examined and studied to see whether they were safe for public use or not. Many of the vehicles were later adapted to run on CHI, rather than petrol or (in the case of the TV-8) nuclear power.


Later on, when Fortesque was asked to be searched, all he had was the following;
  • His wallet, along with his AMU Pass.
  • The Keys to the Facility (along with the Master Override Key - which the AMU couldn't override the Lock-Down System and get back inside the building)
  • A Coin purse and a money clip
  • His father's pocket watch (a gold Half-Hunter)
  • His grandfather's snuff box
  • His great Uncle's tinder box
  • A comb & mirror
  • His eyeglasses
  • A notebook and fountain pen
  • A taser
  • A silver whistle
He was allowed to keep these, but was soon standing trial because of the appalling conditions the inmates were being with; low quality food, watered-down medicines, atrocious living quarters, torturous testings, etc, but was found not guilty as it turned out he had been kept in the dark and constantly lied to by all rankings, upper and lower.  

When he was safely returned to the Human World, he vowed to sort of the AMU once and for all by going to Washington DC, but he was also now an ally for Angelo as Fortesque could sign for equipment Angelo requestes (like a TV studio set) under the AMU's name, and Angelo could then have it shipped in unmarked trucks (which he'd drive himself) to Chima, whilst the AMU would be sent on wild goose chases seeking The Angel out.

He also has a keen interest in typography, which he got when he served as a draftsman during the final years of the Vietnam War, writing signs and copying documents.
He had such a talent for copying other's handwriting, but he never did for fun or spite, until after his eyes had been opened about the AMU, and he saw it as payback on the organisation that had lied, tricked, deceived and overworked him by copying the Director General's signature and putting it on chits that Angelo came up with, whenever they met in secret.

However, whilst he liked Chima, and did his best to help Angelo, he never did return there...
onemanarmy300 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016   Writer
So the Wolves didn't raid the armory or the bodies of the fallen AMU mercenaries and made off with a ton of human-made weapons?
CCB-18 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
The whole Chiman army raided the Facility, and that includes the Wolves, Ravens & Crocodiles. Also, they left the guns guns behind and just took the explosives. And they left the KO'ed men as they were - many playing possum.

i've left a few things out, so I'll post them up as soon as I can.
onemanarmy300 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016   Writer
You'd think that the Wolves would take the guns to add to their arsenal since human weapons appear to be more powerful as well as less bulky (and there for more concealable). If not that, then take one of each weapon they find (M4 carbine, Glock, M1911, AK47, etc.) and make copies of their own; it's not that hard to make bullets. So why didn't they take any?
CCB-18 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Lagravis forbade it, along with any killing, breaking of necks & backs (which could end up in paralysation), gouging of eyes, strangulation, caving in skulls, crushing of bones, ripping bodies apart, cutting out organs, dropping them or anything on them from great heights, or severing of limbs.
The Chima Army could injure the AMU up to a point (which includes biting, scratching, break an arm or leg, snapping fingers, black eyes, punch in the mouth, bonking on the head and even a jab or shot in the bum) but no killing, as he was sure they were some family's means of income support...since they would be the main distraction for the rescue in the attack.

And if any human weapons were to be found afterwards, then they (the weapons) were to go straight under Lion Tribe lock and key for everybody's safety.

Further details will progress from the story later on...
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