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Leyna Riding Outfit Alternate by Hewytoonmore by CCB-18 Leyna Riding Outfit Alternate by Hewytoonmore by CCB-18
Here's an alternative of this piece; Leyna Von Ruhm - Riding Outfit, done by :iconhewytoonmore: himself. As you can see, to quote Hewy himself "...I have fixed up her hat to be a helmet instead, and fixed the knee pads on her hind legs to protect her ankles instead. Oh, and I added a line down the front, to show how she would take off the riding pants..."

He wanted me to replace the former outfit - even after he approved of it straight away - but I refused (even though I hated to say no and try to reason with him), and set it up as a separate file. That way, both of us can be happy. I have a feeling our differences in matters of opinion might be similar to Hewy's first female Beast, Maria's, design. I thought the first edition was superb, he didn't. Same thing applies here, and with any other designs I may do for him.

As an artist, I'm within my rights to put up with what pleases me and be over and done with, like :iconbigbellybirdy:.

So what if it doesn't quite met Hewy's standards four hours later? Who really cares? Hewy and I don't tell each other how to create, draw or write (okay, I may offer him a suggestion in case he gets creator's block and he snaps at me for trying to help. And I thought :iconwarrenhutch: was bad on proposal takings over on FA)

Why he just couldn't stick it in his own gallery and leave things be, I shall never know...

But never the less, I'm uploading this for him, and I shall leave it at that.
HewyToonmore Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017
i wasn't trying to be mean, I just didn't want you copying outfit designs straight out of cartoons. If you design an outfit for a character, you have to make sure the outfit fits their personality.
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March 1, 2017
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