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Come on in!

Come on in, we got a song to sing-a
at Laval's Funhouse!

Come on in, we got a joke to tell ya
at Laval's Funhouse!

We got jokes!
We got songs!
Come on folks, sing along!

Come on in, we got a story to tell ya
at Laval's Funhouse!

Come on in!

We have the Musical Mount Cavora
gonna make you dance and claps your hands.

Come on, clap your hands!

Come on, clap your hands!!


Come on in, we got a song to sing-a
at Laval's Funhouse!
Here's a second parody taken on an Archie cartoon show by Filmation. This time it's a take on Archie's Funhouse;…

Here, Laval and the stars of Legends of Chima perform a series of acts before a live audience (and I do mean that literally as the stars are animated) which include the following;
  • Songs with the Musical Mount Cavora Jukebox, performed by the Chima Band
  • How-to Magic Acts
  • Silly Stunts
  • Stand-Up Comedy/Vaudeville Acts (mind you, whenever Worriz (back by popular demand - his own) gets ready to perform a spectacular stunt - the curtain comes down on his act...) 
  • The Early Early Show, in which the Citizens of Chima perform highlights from famous old movies
  • Eris's Diary, in which Eris tells of her day with Laval in her diary (but in real life Laval's meaning is quite different...)
  • How to Catch Your Girl, in which Rogon or Worriz tell the audience the secret weapons and manoeuvres on how to get the girl you love (even if she doesn't love you back)  - with hapless failures against Eris and Windra each time....
  • Lavertus's World of Sport, in which Lavertus travels around the globe demonstrating various national sports.
  • Ewald's Camping Corner, in which Ewald teaches kids about the world of camping - with some comical results.
  • Thunderbolt Theatre/Side Show, a series of quick, drippy gags in which involves all the Season 1 Stars (as well as Lavertus, Flinx, Crominus & Crunket and several OCs) - and usually it's the Crocodiles (minus Crunket), Wolves and Ravens that get either pied or pelted with each gag...
  • Eglor's Invention Corner, where Eglor demonstrates his latest inventions...which are more like cracking a nut with a sledgehammer.
  • Professor Leonidas, where Leonidas gives rather silly classes.
  • Dom's Dipsy Doodles, where Dom De La Woosh does painting, which seems to have minds and lives of their own
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