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Kevin and Kell 9-12-17 Snippet (Preggo Edit) by CCB-18 Kevin and Kell 9-12-17 Snippet (Preggo Edit) by CCB-18
Another Christmas-based Preggo edit of :iconkevinandkell:, this time from the 9th December, as Lindesfarne and Fenton repeat the comic's history take Turvy to meet Santa for the first time. Least here, it's completely different then when Kell took recently-born Coney back in '95;…

Here, Lindesfarne's posing with Turvy and Santa as Fenton photos them, whilst Lindefarne's unborn kick about, probably enjoying the atmosphere of the mall.

(Now, it is said that that an expectant mother shouldn't go lifting things, but with Turvy being so light and well behaved, Lindesfarne isn't too bothered. I know my sister wasn't too bothered when she climbed up a ladder whilst 5 months pregnant - against me and dad telling her not to. It only got bad when dad and I crossed signals as he got down from the ladder whilst my sister when up and I let go of said ladder OOPS! , thinking he was going to take over :o (Eek) . Thank havens the ladder didn't wobble Phew!, sadly my sister had a vicious go at me afterwards, even though it wasn't my fault)

Still, it helps to make a lovely image for this happy family.

Characters © :iconbholbrook:/:iconkevinandkell:
Editing © Me
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BattyillustratioN Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2017  Student General Artist
Raakone Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2017
Turvy is...a bat/porcupine hybrid? *curious* Anyways, cool pic!
CCB-18 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hedgehog, actually. That was established in late March '98, when Fenton began going out with Tammy, leaving Lindesfarne broken-hearted;…

So up till then, she'd been eating vegetation and sleeping at night like porcupines do, from then on she became a full hedgehog in diet and sleeping pattern (though after Turvy was born, she switched sleeping patterns again to balance out baby-handling between herself and Fenton)5
Raakone Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2017
Guess I was reminded of certain porcupine characters. Well, this is even cooler....nice seeing an anthropomorphic hedgehog who is NOT Sonic inspired every now and then!
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December 13, 2017
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