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Kevin and Kell 29-1-18 Snippet (Preggo Edit) by CCB-18 Kevin and Kell 29-1-18 Snippet (Preggo Edit) by CCB-18
Once again, from the webcomic world of :iconkevinandkell: comes another preggo edit*, this time from 29th January.

The fanon here takes place during the week's events of when the carnivore school had to merge with the herbivore school and become an all-diet school.

According to Lindesfarne's Virtual Quill; "What you see in the comic strip taking place during a single week actually transpired over several months..." and this little fanon scenario leapt to my mind, with the teacher of the carnivore school near the end of her pregnancy - which she'd forgotten about, since she was only 2 months along at the start and now she's only just remembered, thanks to her unborn cub(s) kicking and squirming.
Thankfully, Rachel Einhorn, the Head Teacher (not principal surprisingly, what with the comic being American) understands this lapse of personal amnesia since it was easy to forget about it with the schools merging to keep both afloat financially....

Here, I had some time to get all the letters I needed for this take, as well as edit the speech bubbles slightly in order to fit it all in without looking all squashed together.

Characters © :iconbholbrook:/:iconkevinandkell:
Editing & Retexting © Me

(P.S. * = Am I the only one doing these edits? It's a shame that the other fans of the comic (if not pregnant furrys) aren't having a go or two themselves)
MrRemoraman Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm a graduate student assistant for a large university:  I had a coworker who went thorugh something like this....
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