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''Just Make Sure You Behave Yourself...'' by CCB-18 ''Just Make Sure You Behave Yourself...'' by CCB-18
"...and don't be clever or cheeky!"

This scenario is based on the episode of Fievel's American Tale "Aunt Sophie's Visit", where Fievel's aunt proves she's not as stuffy as he first believes - especially when she humilates Cat R Waul at the Rodeo...
Not long after Irun is appointed acting Mayor of CowTown, he get an expected visit from one of his L.E.P colleagues...only this is one visiting colleague he could do without - the world-renowned ZigZag. Seems she's getting tired at her studios and is looking for insparation, and Moo Mesa sounded like a good place for an actress to find such.

Irun's not so sure, knowing Zigzag's record, he either dreads she'll embarrass him or she'll wind up assaulted or arrested for her antics in a place where she might been seen as burlesque girl from a bordello. But Zigzag knows how to behave, like when Sabrina's mother invited her over for dinner late 2006/early 2007 in Sabrina Online (which is where I've got the hairstyle from)...

On her arrival, Zigzag comes dressed in the outfit worn by Tabitha Vixx from The Simpsons Season 17 episode "Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play" and she promises she'll do nothing to disgrace either herself or Irun with male and female citizen alike (even with so much tempting humongous muscles and luscious curves about her)...and Irun warns her that if she does go too far, he won't be held responsible for her behaviour.

Meanwhile, the Masked Bull's back in town, and is about to cause trouble. There's a rodeo going on, in which Cowlorado, Kate and Cody have entered, and at the rodeo, Irun's giving a Mech Suit demonstration to aid Mesan life in such industrial operations as construction, lumber and mining and that's what the Masked Bull's after - only he doesn't know the exact location of where the Rodeo's being held.

In attempts to figure it out, Cody manages to outsmart Boothill Buzzard, who threatened to harm Zigzag (this was the second time as the first try left Zigzag's dress covered in mud, so she had to get a cowboy outfit instead - which Irun instructs her that she must wear the jeans at all times, NOT just wear the chaps on her legs!) Later, Zigzag hogties Saddlesore Scoripion when he threatens her during Cowlorado & Cody's practising.
Then at the rodeo itself, the Masked Bull crashes it with Spyclops - only for Spyclops to get flattened by Dekota and Zigzag roping the Masked Bull and riding him like a bucking bronco machine!

Zigzag become the hero, and the champ, of the rodeo and leaves fully satisfied with her visit, with plenty of fresh ideas for her studios (though she'll change the names and some of the characters around to protect their dignity), a pleased Irun, a town ready to welcome her back with open arms (and crossed legs) - and the underwear of Cowlamity Kate & Miss Lily in her suitcase...only that last one's not noticed till after she left...;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) 
The only thing I wasn't sure was whether or not ZigZag actually wears shoes (I assume she might've with such an outfit as this;… but in many of these furry webcomic cartoons the characters usually go about barefooted)

Still, I hope you viewers like it.

ZigZag © :iconewschwartz:/:iconmaxblackrabbit:
Irun © Me
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June 10, 2017
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