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Johnny the Chump by CCB-18 Johnny the Chump by CCB-18
"...I mean Champ!"

This takes place during my LKHFF in Chima story, after :iconkingleolionheart:, :iconfantasyflixart:, :iconlionkingrulez::icondreamscancometrue67: , my :iconlkhff: fursona, along with CN Lion-O, Wilykat & Wilykit, Bonkers D. Bobcat & :iconmomo-no-ji: have accompanied Gorzan & G'Loona back to Chima after rescuing them from their enforced exile by Heath Lynx's forces, run into Laval and return to the Lion Temple in an enchanted steam tram.

This vector shows Charles holding Johnny's arm up in triumph and announcing Johnny as "The Chump", but quickly corrected himself to "Champ" when Johnny wanted to pick a fisticuffs fight with Largravis (when the king inadvertently insulted Johnny on account of his scruffy appearance, not believing the Canadian-African to be an actual prince) only for the King of the Lion Tribe (who didn't think it was right for a king to go brawling in the streets) to promptly step down, and give it to Laval, who ducked behind his him, after seeing Charles turn Longtooth, Lennox & Leonidas into white rabbits and the others give the Ravens a good hiding when said birds attempted to steal Laval's Speedor off the coach - without removing the chains fully first...he didn't want to know what Johnny might be capable of....

...thus is why Johnny is beaming with a smug pride.

Characters © :iconlkhff: c/o :iconlionkingrulez: & Me.

This pose was based from a similar seen in the feature episode of BBC's Last of the Summer Wine "Uncle of the Bride" when Seymour Utherwaite took over from Foggy in the trio. Compo criticized Seymour for having too much upper class because he had "U.P.U" plastered all over his cottage (the Utherwaite Postal University), Seymour informed Compo that he was a correspondence college, then Compo remarked he had a few loose slates, so Seymour called Compo out, but when Compo was ready, Seymour asked Barry to thrash Compo, but Barry promptly backed down, and Clegg declared Compo the winner...


This'll be my final piece for 2016, but do expect more to come along in the new year.
SteveAnime Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018  Professional General Artist
great work on him :D
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December 30, 2016
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