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Irun as a Gummi Bear by CCB-18 Irun as a Gummi Bear by CCB-18
This was part of my League of Extraordinary People saga after I was reintroduced to :icondisneyplz:'s Gummi Bears after purchasing a VHS tape during my college years. I did recall them vaguely, though I do remember they were introduced to the UK as part of a GM:TV Easter Special back in the mid-90's, though we never got to the season with Gusto in it on local TV - and even when I saw artwork of him, I thought he just was a fan-based character... Oops emote 

Well, the basis was Irun had to travel back in time to Dunwyn after an incendiary bomb destroy most of his allotment where he grew many of his potion ingredients - one of them being a patch of Gummi Berry Bushes! (He had a few baby bushes in a greenhouse safely in another location, but they were too young to start sprouting fruit)

So, Irun went back to the Middle Ages to collect a couple of fully-grown bushes and before long, he got involved with the secret world of the Gummi Bears after Igthorn tried to trick him into digging up all the bushes - but Irun soon sent him and his ogres packing. Soon after that, he found (what later turned out to be) Cubbi's hat, hanging on a bush.
However, after he was picked up by King Gregor's knights and taken into the court, posing as an alchemist (but getting jeered at by the older squires, like Merlin in Sword in the Stone), Irun soon learned that there was more going on than met the eye, especially after secretly observing the Gummi Bears themselves like an ornithologist would do.

So, he turned himself into a Gummi Bear and called himself Hunni, but he secret soon came out during a daring escape from Igthorn's clutches. Thankfully, the Gummis forgave him and Irun even gave them membership for their skills and bravery into the League.

Plus, this form will continue to come in handy afterwards in the Gummi Bears XXL video game...

NOTE: This was drawn probably a couple of years before :iconaotsukinotora:'s Yaelin-Gummi Shape
MCsaurus Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017

Awesome Gummi Bear, I think I like it.

Maybe I draw him sometimes.
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