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You see Pirates' Cove is torture
NEXO Knights is just a mess!
Heartlake is a lot of noise
And Fabuland's a pest!
Monster Realm's a horror,
But I guess I must confess
That I really don't hate Chima!

You see Clown Town is infernal.
The Old West's is just a bore.
Viking-land's a waste
Unless you own a mega store.
All the people of those worlds
I can admit that I abhor,
But I really don't hate Chima.

Now it isn't that I like it,
At the most I feel ambivalence!
But should I really just K.R.A.G.L.E it?
I'll admit that I'm still on the fence.
It makes me tense!

From the Evil Leaders' Board Community
I'm sure to get ejected.
But for Chima I can seem to summon
Any true invective.
Because what is there to hate?
I mean it's really so subjective!
Though I really don't hate Chima.

I hate Unikitties, Ninjagos,
I hate B-F-Fs and Evles!
I even hate the free-builds
And the Masterbuilders too.
I can work up animosity for almost anything
Tell me why I don't hate Chima.

Though my backstory was atrocious,
Chima never was that bad, you see!
So the best that I can muster
Is complete and total apathy.

What's wrong with me?

How can I prove that I'm
An evil villain worth his salt
When with a whole world so furry
I can't even find much fault?
If I didn't feel ambiguous
I'd launch a big assault!
But I really don't hate Chima!

... Ah what the heck? Kick line!

No I really...
No I really don't hate Chima!

I have an intense burning indifference!
I've really been listening to a Disney's Phineas & Ferb Christmas Hits album, and some of the songs really got to me to some new Legends of Chima parodies.

Here, we have President Business singing why Chima might've been excluded from his plans to K.R.A.G.L.E in the movie, based on "I Really Don't Hate Christmas";…

The problem in rewriting this was trying to work with the tempo and the tone of the singer, but I hope this all works out...
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December 22, 2016
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