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''Guess I Should Thank You All...'' by CCB-18 ''Guess I Should Thank You All...'' by CCB-18
I drew this a many years ago, not long after I'd been introduced to Sabrina Online in the early 2000's along with Bridgette's Belly, Misty the Mouse, Namir Deiter, Faux Pas, A Roo'd Awakening, Gene Catlow, A Doemain of Our Own, Vinci & Arty, Vickie Fox and (in particular) :iconkevinandkell: all via :icondarrencax:/:iconpregfurs:...

This is the aftermath of an LEP mission, in which the famous Zigzag was main target for them to protect/rescue. Seems Irun and the League saved her from a fate worse than death - or even worse than that, in her books, for it could not only cost her her reputation, but also her career, money and Double Z Studios in a merger from an unscrupulous business man. Afterwards, ZigZag thanks Irun for preventing a serious catastrophe to her life, along with Amy and Timmy who helped in the unmasking (though all Timmy did was bite the guy's ankle) whilst Sabrina (who did all the real work) and ended up flung in a ditch in the scuffle (which left her with ripped pants, so she borrowed a pair of LEP uniform trousers) can't believe that ZigZag's getting on so well with this small human she's only just met, and not trying anything like when the two first met back in April '99...

It seems that Irun has gotten on well with Zigzag as a good friend and he admires her for her perseverance, determination and her compassion towards the welfare of her staff and friends, since she rose from an abused childhood with good friends (See :iconlord-foxhole:'s comic;…) to becoming the most iconic adult film since Arthur Askey's own Sabrina;… or even Jordan, aka Katie Price) despite getting arrested for assaulting a mugger that nearly killed Sabrina in 2013;… or going on a crusade of revenge against those who trolled her in 2010;… (which is how she met Hazel) and she admires him for the same reasons, and almost sees him like she does Sabrina. (The only difference she doesn't try to hit on him like she constantly does with Sabrina, and treats her more like she does Tabitha after her visit in 2009;… - but that doesn't stop her from trying to flirt with his grown-up friends or embarrass him in public, like the time she visited CowTown on Moo Mesa, whilst he was appointed Acting-Mayor, looking for rest, relaxation and inspiration - and became a local hero for humiliating the Masked Bull at a rodeo)

But it's shortly after this that ZigZag joins the League, but has to take orders from Irun...or Sabrina.

This scene was based on an illustration from "William - The Avenger" from the book William - The Good by Richmal Crompton. (So you could say it followed on from here; Captain Zero Makes a Run for It)

NOTE: This was my first try at drawing ZigZag, Amy & Timmy for the first time...and I think they came out quite well.

Sabrina, ZigZag, Amy & Timmy © :iconewschwartz:/:iconmaxblackrabbit:
Irun © Me
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May 18, 2017
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