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Good King Wenceslas looked out
On the Feast of Stephen...

WORRIZ: Sorry I'm late, I was busy doin' some rewrites.

PLOVAR: "Rewrites"? I didn't even know you could write, Worriz(!)

WORRIZ: Hump! Anyway, I've highlighted your parts, now sing along!
Santa Claus and all his elves
Are making gifts for Worriz

I don't think that's how it goes

Nobody's askin' you, bird!

PLOVAR: Worriz, you're completely disrespecting this classic song! You're ignoring the historical context. King Wenceslas was a great Lagravis. You and your pack have no idea what this song is about! Apart from Wonald, your whole pack doesn't have a musical note in your bodies.

WORRIZ: I know all about this song
The words were by some English guy
The music's Scandinavian.
Wenceslas was five-foot-six
He kept his face unshaven.
Though just a Duke throughout his life,
He always ruled so justly,
His kingly title was conferred
Upon him posthumously!

PLOVAR: Well, I stand corrected, you seem to have a lot of information. But if you know so much about it, why do you not sing the original song?

WORRIZ: I like my version better, it's about us Wolves
My Tribe should get lots of gifts
Every Christmas season
When I see presents just for us
It always is so pleasin'
That is why I changed the words
To make the song more edgy
If you don't like the way I sing
You'll get a Christmas plucking!!!

PLOVAR: Oh, it's lovely, you're a veritable, as that Ninjago Zane would put it, Oscar Hammerstein the Second...or, uh, oh, well, at least it's over.
Here's a LoC take on the classic Christmas song, following the take by Phineas &…

Seems Plovar wants to sing this song, but Worriz has other ideas involving rewrites...
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