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Female Rupert Bear Designs by CCB-18 Female Rupert Bear Designs by CCB-18
After watching some Rupert episodes on YouTube, I decided to come up with a new adventure, which runs parallel with "Rupert in Timeland", only instead of time, Rupert finds himself in a world were gender is the other way around, and yet everything's exactly alike down to the last detail.

Whilst keeping an observation of his new surrounds, he's found out by his female counterpart, Ruth Bear (who certainly has his adventurous spirit for someone who might look so meek). She can tell at once that Rupert's not from her world, and agrees to help him home with the help of her world's edition of the Wise Old Goat.

I'm following on with a comic strip of that part, but I was a bit stuck on the designs for the Ruth. So, I shall let you, the viewers, choose which head, outfit (and with the skirt, which style socks) is best suited to this role.

You have a choice between Rupert's regular style head, like Mrs Bear has, or with a mop of hair, like that of Rupert's girlfriend in the previous mentioned episode, or :iconlucifertheshort:'s OCs Mary Bear & Rosaline. 

I look forward to your suggestions.
LuciferTheShort Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
I've actually been contemplating having my interpretation of Rupert meeting a female incarnation of himself as part of many fictional characters meeting their counterparts from alternate universes. You're free to do whatever you want with your take on it, but I imagined Rupert's female counterpart has having white hair (as in, she has actual hair that is colored white like the rest of her fur).
jeh517 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 15, 2017
I go with 1.C,2.B.,and 3.B for the designs of Ruth Bear. I can hardly wait to see what the other gender reverse versions of Rupert's parents,Rupert's parents,and the Nutwood citizens will look like.
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