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Easter Maternity Wear Humor by CCB-18 Easter Maternity Wear Humor by CCB-18
This is a scene from :iconkevinandkell: as an Easter joke during Lindesfarne's pregnancy from 20/3/17.

Here's she received her first maternity dress from her cousin Wendell, who's currently working under Rudy during the Easter Period. 

Nice to see that the spirit of the season has a place elsewhere other than eggs. Mind you most expectant mothers have eggs painted on their bellies. 

And I haven't seen anything that humorous since Ralph got painted back in April 2001;… (Mind you, you still can't see a bump*, but it does bring out her hips)

And let's not forget that Danielle can lend Lindesfarne all her maternity outfits for later on as well...

(Though, as I've said before, I'm not sure if blue's really Lindesfarne's colour - same as red ISN'T really Rosie's colour in Thomas & Friends)

* = Hmm, 4 months along an no bump yet...

Mind you, Danielle didn't start showing till July 06;…
(6 months along), in Namir Deiter in 2007 Snickers was HUGE at 5 months;… whilst Danni in Doc Rat didn't start showing* till Late 2011 when her pregnancy was announced in Nov 2010...

( * = I would included the strip I'm thinking of - her standing in front of a mirror as her belly starts to show when Ben gives her some news and she groans that it's "the start of another adventure" - but sadly the Doc Rat archives are STILL missing strips from Jun 2006 - May 2014. So if anybody knows of actual date of that stripe I'm referring to, do please let me know...Thanks)

Lindesfarne & Scene © :iconbholbrook:/:iconkevinandkell:
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Fansyboots Featured By Owner May 1, 2017

Depending on the species, a hedgehog’s pregnancy (yes she is a hedgehog, it says so here) is about 1.1—1.9 months (35—58 days), although I suppose the rule of funny is what CCB-18 had in mind.

CCB-18 Featured By Owner May 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, in many furry webcomics when the subject of pregnancy is involved, the writers tend to either make it last the species' normal pregnancy period, or (because of the human-type anatomy) make it last the regular 9 months - and throw in a few animal-type characteristics whilst at it. Many good examples are found in :iconkevinandkell: or even in the works of :iconwallaroo:'s A Roo'D Awakening.

For example, also in :iconkevinandkell: 2006, Danielle was pregnant for the normal 9 months, but had a rapid rabbit labor, which is normal in rabbits.

Though sometimes, even a pregnancy story can last longer than a normal pregnancy usually does. Three good examples are found in Doc Rat by Jennar, Gene Catlow by the late Albert Temple, and Bridgette's Belly by :icona-fraser:.

So in this case, Lindesfarne will be pregnant for the usual 9 months.

Hope that'll help you.
Fansyboots Featured By Owner May 3, 2017

How would that work if applied to animals that hatch from eggs?

CCB-18 Featured By Owner May 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Not too sure. Guess those would go through two types of labor; one from laying the eggs and the other from hatching. Or treat it as an extended pregnancy, like in the pilot/Easter episode of Hilltop Hospital.

Although :iconkevinandkell: did treat egg-hatching as some form of labor back in May '97 when Rudy helped Ms Aura hatch her son Nigel...
Raakone Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
Nice porcupine/hedgehog woman there (which is she?)
CCB-18 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Lindesfarne from :iconkevinandkell:. You can find out more about her from the webcomic; and even view her pregnancy from her Virtual Quill;
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