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Dr Claw's Agents - Milady by CCB-18 Dr Claw's Agents - Milady by CCB-18
Well, after watching an episode of Diagnosis Murder with Dick Van Dyke, I came up with the inspiration for this assignment for Inspector Gadget as he comes up against the toughest M.A.D Agent yet.

"International Terrorist, Master of Disguise and Exploitationist Milady De Winter mysteriously escaped from Security Prison last night. No sign of forced entry or exit, but suspect M.A.D involvement.

Milady has been reported robbing several jewellery stores across the country. So far the only items stolen were once part of a full set known as the Seven Deadly Sin Diamonds, formally owned by the last Tsar of Russia. M.A.D might after these diamonds to use in their new experimental ray that will make their victims act like the chosen sin.
The last diamond, known as the Lust Diamond is on display in Malibu as part of a Charity Auction for the local hospital. It is possible Milady will strike there to procure the final diamond for M.A.D.

Your mission is to prevent the Lust Diamond from falling into M.A.D's hands, retrieve the other Diamonds and recapture Milady. But be warned, she's well know for sly skills in deception and manipulation. You'll need to keep all your wits about you.

This message will self-distruct...

Well, let's say that Gadget's obliviousness will prove him immune to Milady's tricks (unlike poor Brain and Penny - though he'll clumsily snap them out of it), and that he will get all 7 diamonds back, but Milady will escape at the last moment... and not back to M.A.D, where Dr Claw's new ray gun is useless without the diamonds...

Milady © Dogtanian c/o BRB International
Base © Me, Courtesy of DiC
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