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Dr Claw's Agents - Heath Lynx by CCB-18 Dr Claw's Agents - Heath Lynx by CCB-18
Here, this is a belated Valentines Day gift for :iconlkhff:, as a good gesture between the group's co-founders, who were often there when I was facing problems there.

Upon the studios were the :iconlkhff: produce their movies, Gadget got a new assignment which read as follows; "Information has it on record that M.A.D is planning an alliance with an evil force known as The Dark Ones. Together, they could rule chaos supreme across the globe. The only obstacle are the founders of this studio, who have succeeded many times in defeating the Dark Ones. One of their lesser agents is working with M.A.D and has managed to get several of Dr Claw's agents to infiltrate these studios. You'll go undercover, posing as a stuntman and security guard, and make sure the alliance doesn't succeed. Don't be afraid to ask for help from the Founders, as they have great experience in dealing with matters such as these. This message will self-destruct..."

So it seems that the :iconlkhff:'s archenemy, Heath Lynx (prowling around the studios) is the Dark One's Agent, and working with Dr. Claw to carry out what he alone never could achieve - the decline and fall of the Fantasy Films Team. 

Thankfully, not only with the help of Brain, Penny, Leo, Benny, Rae and Johnny, but the Warner Siblings too, Gadget will triumph over Heath Lynx, who'll have an old sound-stage brought down around his ears(!)

I bet none saw this coming...

Heath Lynx © :iconlkhff: c/o :iconretrouniverseart::icondreamscancometrue67:
Base © Me, Courtesy of DiC

Valentine Happy Valentine's Day :iconlkhff: But Baby, I Can Change... 
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