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Dr Claw's Agents - Dandy Dan by CCB-18 Dr Claw's Agents - Dandy Dan by CCB-18
After reading a Bugsy Malone book, which was published before the Rank Organisation movie, I hit on this idea for another M.A.D Agent meme.

Here, Dr Claw has the villain of the movie, Dandy Dan, working for him as the Splurge Gun sweeps its way through Metro City.

Question is, did Dr Claw use his time machine to bring Dandy Dan and his guns from the 20's? Or did he track down Dandy Dan's descendent, who knew of the location of the Splurge Guns as a family secret?

That, I've not figured out yet...

Gadget's assignment would be as follows; "M.A.D has recently acquired a deadly new weapon, known as the Splurge Gun. It was last used for Mob Warfare during the 1920's & 30's, but was believed to have been lost during World War 2. This Splurge, when coming into contact with the body, causes instant paralysis and puts its victims into an instant death-like coma state. Your mission is find out where M.A.D is getting these guns and destroy them. Be sure to bring back either one gun or a sample of Splurge so that labs at Intelligence can work on an antidote to combat its effects. This message will self-destruct."

Well, being bionic, the Splurge won't effect Gadget if he gets hit by it - and he'll succeed in capturing Dandy Dan as well as his gang and the entire stash of Splurge Guns...

Bugsy Malone © Rank Organisation
Base © Me, Courtesy of DiC
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