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Dr Claw's Agents - Captain Black by CCB-18 Dr Claw's Agents - Captain Black by CCB-18
To round of this meme @ 10 (a nice round figure in my books) we see that M.A.D has one of the most notorious agents on his latest scheme.

Gadget's mission reads as follows; "M.A.D has formed an alliance with an alien force known as Mysterons. Both are bent on world destruction. Their objective is the World's Fair currently being held in Heartlake City. Unknown is the actual target. It's between the Fair Guests of Honour, the World Renowned Fazbooty Girls, who'll open the Fair, Livi & her back-up singers, the BFFs, who are the face of the Fair or the Fair itself.
Mysterons have the power to destroy an object or person and recreate them for their own bidding. Information has it that there maybe several bombs placed around the World's Fair.
Your mission is to protect the celebrities and the Fair. You'll need all the help you can get on this mission. You will team up with Spectrum and assist them at every cost. But be careful. Mysteron Agents are more cunningly dangerous than M.A.D Agents. This message will self-destruct...

Even with working with Spectrum, as well as reuniting with the Gadgetinis (who are now Livi's entourage), poor Gadget's going to remain oblivious till Penny and Livi get kidnapped and are held hostage on an unfinished roller-coaster. Thankfully, with the help of Captain Scarlet in a Spectrum Jetpack, Gadget will save all three targets (since it was actually a triple target, with a rigged bass as the detonation device), and although M.A.D will fail, Captain Black will still get away...

NOTE: I've used the 2005 edition of Captain Black as I felt it looked better than the original version. Also, I chose this scenario as there isn't an actual bad guy in :iconlegoplz: Friends like there is in Equestria Girls, is there? Do correct me if I'm wrong...

Screenshot © Gerry Anderson
Targets © :iconlegoplz::iconinfernox-ratchet:/:icondisembowell:
Base © Me, Courtesy of DiC
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