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Chima Minifigs for Sale by CCB-18 Chima Minifigs for Sale by CCB-18
This isn't just a piece for general amusement, but an actual advert.
(This may help those who wanted to acquire these, but weren't able to, or didn't want to wait 60 days for it to arrive. Least I can offer you a much shorter shipping time)

You see, I accidentally ordered two of these sets by mistake from Aliexpress, and I fear that I cannot send them back now, as the time they took to reach me filled the return-time. Neither can I sell them on Bricklink, Amazon or even eBay, for fear of some sort of violation towards imitation LEGO pieces (even though I managed to sell a LELE Chima Collectable Minifigures set on eBay once, the second time I tried to sell them, it was deleted by the site's managers - even though I was being honest when selling it).

NOTE: Whilst both items are in Mint Condition, the bag containing Razar from the set on the right had popped open, but I fixed it.

Still, if anybody's interested in purchasing them, just send me a message via notes with your address enclosed and which ones you'd like to order, and I'll send you an invoice with S&H fees and my PayPal account details, so payment can be made.

Look forward to any orders soon.
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April 30, 2017
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