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Armoured Jeep by CCB-18 Armoured Jeep by CCB-18
This is one of the main modes of transport, used by the Blue Hook Organisation for my L.E.P series.

As you can see, it's just a jeep with a bulldozer/cowcatcher blade and a Gatling/multi-barrelled machine gun mounted over the windscreen. This vehicle's main purpose is as a vanguard or basic getaway car.

This vehicle carries up to about 6-8 men (two upfront) and can be nippy, if driven properly - otherwise they become cumbersome and clumsy in a high-speed chase. (If flung, they usually land blade first, so the vehicle sticks up out of the ground like a lamppost)

And whilst they're good in the deserts of Moo Mesa, they're useless in the marshland that surround Animalia (both failed attempts to invade & conquer) and easily got bogged down, along with any other army vehicle that got stuck. (There's even been questions about whether or not they're good in snowy conditions.)


The illustration was based off another illustration of a  jeep from a 2008 AQA GCSE English book of Anthology I got in secondary school, from a poem by Niyi Osundare entitled "Not My Business" about someone who observes people getting taken from his village (possibly by slave-traders in Africa) and not worrying about it - till one night, the jeep turns up for him... though the blade was from the early Adventures of Babar cartoons when he tackled the Hunter as he built Celesteville. 
Raakone Featured By Owner May 24, 2017
This is a rather awesome "Technical" here (the term was used first in Somalia, and later in other places, for vehicles....usually Jeeps and pickup-trucks....that are fitted with machine guns (and sometimes other weapons) and are popular with both terrorist groups, and local gangs. They earned that name because many aid groups, even the UN, have to pay gangs who use these vehicles to keep away others, and it was marked down as "Technical Assistance") I see the "blade" here makes it better for driving through crowds and simple barricades/fences if need be!
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