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Recently I had a similar dream involving a Sunday issue of Kevin & Kell towards August.

The Dewclaws were being chased during the night through the city (not sure who by, but following recent events Caniche's former employees) and the only way of escape was the maze of Rabbit Warren tunnels and whilst Lindesfarne went in following Kevin - but she never came out the other end. That was because her belly made her get stuck in the entrance hole.

Next panel showed Lindesfarne on her back by the entrance hole, wearing a maternity gown, similar to that of Danielle's back in 2006 but in the pale orange colour with white frilly collar & cuffs Lindesfarne originally wore, along with her pale green waistcoat, and screaming in agony of contractions, whilst the pursuers (which include a rhino and a German Shepard) just stand nearby - frozen in horror, and unsure what to do now - many suggesting to run away. (Only thing is, Lindesfarne's faking it, and only having Braxton Hicks)

What happens afterwards....I do not know as my dream ended there...

You think that might be possible?
Seems that following this; Who Will Be Next? , I have had another dream relating to the Lindesfarne Pregnancy Arc in :iconkevinandkell: this year...

Not sure whether Bill will find this useful or not, or if he's already got Lindesfarne's labor already in mind...least it might be as surprising like the late Albert Temple promised Michelle's to be in Gene Catlow... 

10/5/17 - After forwarding this to Bill Holbrook himself, he said "There will definitely be drama surrounding Lindesfarne's pregnancy, but of a different kind. Keep in mind that I write two months ahead. :)..." and when I later replied if the drama will be anything like Danielle's in 2006, he said "No hints! :)  Stay tuned, same bat channel..."

Looks like we've got to wait and see...

Lindesfarne © :iconbholbrook:/:iconkevinandkell:
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