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An Easy Escape

I based this off a scene from a Beano "Dennis the Menace" cartoon, in which Dennis and Gnasher are tricked into robbing the bank, after putting jello-cubes into the waterworks.

Here, WilyKat & WilyKit, the ThunderKittens, have been tricked into breaking into a high security bank and are labeled as dangerous criminals. They try to go after the real crooks and reach their rundown hideout, but before they can take action, they're caught by Mainwaring's bombastic rival, Colonel Square, who doesn't believe their story. So with them in his clutches, he walks up to the front door of the hideout - and all three end up in the hands of the bad guys, and all tied up in the bathroom.

Thankfull, Kit manages to free them by covering themselves with soap and slipping out of their ropes, before climbing up to a hole in the ceiling, which leads to the attic, then out through a hole in the roof!

Course, the ThunderKittens get the full credit for capturing the real crooks, whilst Square is joked for taking delayed action...

Thunderkittens © Rankin/Bass 
Square © :iconbbcplz:
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