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Ajax the Triplex
Is a super T.U.F.F engine
From his cowcatcher to rear wheels
And his nerves are made of steel

KRISTINA: What exactly does this have to do with Christmas, Dudley?

KITTY: Yeah, Dudley. What's with all this?

DUDLEY: Well, I'm...I'm just describing him so that people have a mental picture. matches the original song.

The night before Christmas
'Twas a crisis at the Pole
'Cause Sandtrap that rat, he had done his worst
And a sleigh that day he stole

D.O.O.M sent him on a joyride
Just as far as they were able
But Sandtrap's bro, Larry lost control
Ran into the reindeers' stable

Now all the reindeer
Were on crutches or in traction
So Chief ordered Agent Triplex
to go right into action

Look at that steam engine, look at that steam engine
Look at that steam engine go
Look at that steam engine, look at that steam engine
Flying o'er the snow

"O'er,"? Is that even a proper word?

KITTY: It's a contraction, really. It means "over."

KRISTINA: It's considered archaic, Dudley...very classic.

DUDLEY: Sounds a bit silly and very odd.

KITTY: (Frustrated Sigh) It's traditional, Dudley. Get o'er it(!)

So the reindeer were out of commission
And Santa's sleigh was trashed
I'd explain it more, but we've been there before
It doesn't need to be rehashed

Santa Claus was freaking out
Thought he'd have to scrap his run
He was torn inside, for without a ride
He knew Christmas Day was done

But then o'er the horizon
Came a light bright as a star
Cutting through the night was the two headlamps
from Ajax's bufferbeam

Ajax the Triplex
Had a mission at the Pole
If he could lend a hand
in that frozen land
He'd help Santa reach his goal

There must have been some magic in
those triple driving wheels
For when Santa saw the steam gauge
He knew this could take him far

KITTY: Really, Dudley(?)

DUDLEY: They wanted this album yesterday, all right?

KRISTINA: C'mon, Kitty. Let's give Dudley a hand and wrap this up.

KITTY: Very well, but I'm doing this for you and Ajax.

Ajax the Triplex
Took Santa on his way


And he came through

like we knew he'd do

And saved our Christmas Day!
Here's a late Christmas gift for :iconmagic-kristina-kw: involving her T.U.F.F Pippy characters of Ajax (aka Agent Triplex) and Kristina as she joins Kitty & Dudley in a festive song about said Super Engine.

This is based on the "Frosty the Snowman" parody from Disney's Phineas & Ferb; "Perry Saves Christmas";…

Kitty & Dudley © :iconnickelodeon-plz:
Ajax & Kristina © :iconmagic-kristina-kw: & :iconk-katswell-56:
Eli-J-Brony Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017
Quite a nice song you made there. It was quite interesting how you made a song about Ajax. I bet this happened during my Christmsas fanfic special.
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